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Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's tricky...

...to share my sewing because so much of it is for secret swaps.  I put the finishing touches on my Mill Rosie Swap gift last night...

...and worked on my Red Work Swap items.  I'm hoping to finish the last bit of embroidery at NOYTQ today.

I love blue and white together.  So cool, so clean, so fresh looking and, in the case of this lovely free pattern, so very beautiful.
Here's the LINK.  Many thanks to fabulous McCalls Quilting.com


  1. Your little glimpses of your secrets are nice~ :)
    The blue and white is beautiful~ ♥

  2. Can't wait to see what you've made for our Mill Rosie swap. Only two more sleeps!

  3. Pretty little peeks.........I know how you feel. I have 5 emboidered, hanging towels I can't show because they are gifts! The hanging you made for Shez is lovely!

  4. The sneak peeks look good, will be interesting to see what they are. Have fun on Saturday.

  5. I love Redwork and Blue & White! I'm going in right now and make a couple/three red & white pinwheels with red buttons!

  6. some lovely pretty work you are doing there Mel...

  7. I'm sure we will see the whole item in due time Melody - but for now, the sneak peek is eye candy enough!

  8. Sneak peeks are too cruel! ;o) I'm desperate to see your Redwork project and totally intrigued by your swap gift. How many sleeps till we get to see them? OK... I'm an adult. I can do patient! :o)



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