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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hexie time

Yesterday some hexies arrived for me as part of the Inchy Hexie Flower Swap.  One of my partner's last year fell behind in her swaps but she is catching up and I think she deserves big hugs for doing so.  So these are my last October hexies from Patti and I am very happy to add them to my hexie garden.

She also let me know she received the January hexies I sent to her.  She asked for French General fabrics so this is what I sent.

My birthday goodies just keep on coming too.  I received this lovely parcel from Wendy.  Thank you so much.

For when both shoulders and your upper back is sore - a fabulous shoulder heating pad.

 Huge thanks to Alissa for sharing both the pattern and a great tutorial at Crafty Endeavour..  Here's the LINK.


  1. Cute flowers, Melody - both sent and received!! That is great that Patti sent her flowers to you!! And happy, happy birthday!!!

  2. such cute hexies Mel..
    Love the fabric used for the great neck and shoulder pad..

  3. Beautiful hexies received and sent Mel. Love your stretchy birthday. Lovely gift.

  4. I always love looking at your hexies.

  5. Beautiful hexie flowers and enjoy your birthday gifts too. Thats a great link today too.

  6. Lovely Hexi's Mel.
    Thanks for the link for the heated pad,I suffer with shoulder and neck pain,I am going to have a look at that.with other pads you can only put them on one bit at a time,this one looks very good going all the way round.
    Hugs Laura xx

  7. Beautiful French General hexies Melody! xx

  8. Beautiful hexie's and Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for the link to the shoulder pad. I love those microwave bags for all the aches and pains I have in my old age. :O)

  9. lovely flowers sent and received.



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