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Monday, February 25, 2013

Another evening...

...the binding on another NOTYQ community quilt completed.

These quilts are often a real group effort, someone has donated the fabric, someone has cut the fabric and made up a kit, someone has sewn the pieces together, someone has made the quilt label, someone has quilted the quilt and someone puts on the binding.

It is a good feeling knowing you are contributing to something which may bring a little comfort and warmth into someone else's life.

I do enjoy a nice hot cuppa especially when it is poured from a beautiful teapot.
And this free embroidery pattern is certainly a lovely teapot.  Here's the LINK to the design which is on the wonderful Sew Beautiful Blog


  1. what a great team effort Mel,have a good day my friend.xx

  2. What an awesome thing y'all do. What a wonderful quilt.

  3. Being generous fills ones heart!
    It's a lovely quilt to donate too! Well done Mel (and gang) ! :)

  4. It is lovely to make quilts together for special folk who need some comfort.
    Thank you for the stitchery link Mel..

  5. There is nothing better than team work. Great job to all involved.

  6. Well done to you all. I am sure the recipient will feel the love from which it was made. Hugs xx

  7. love the community quilt, and the delightful embroidery link!

  8. The quilt is beautiful, you are very generous. The free stitchery is beautiful too.



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