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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A yarn bombing delight

I love stumbling across a piece a whimsy.  Yesterday I was in charming little Bannockburn near Geelong and discovered this delightful piece of doily bombing
  on a tree near the fence
in the local primary school
Just brilliant
My lovely bloggy friend Jenny at Elefantz has a truly beautiful free project she is sharing with us for the next 26 weeks.  Each Monday she is sharing a delightful  shabby roses letter of the alphabet.

I'm definitely stitching along with this one.
Quick, easy and gorgeous - what more could you ask for?

Many thanks to sweet, lovely Jenny.


  1. love, love, love...good eye candy :) xx debbie

  2. Yarn bombing can bring a smile to ones face. Thank you for sharing

  3. Hope you had a great day Mel,my DD2 lives in the next town Teesdale and they shop in Bannockburn,did you visit any patchwork shops.xx

  4. Love the doiley bombing.....especially that it has happened here in our country. Sweet stitchery.

  5. This looks great. I love the tree.

    Liebe Grüße Grit

  6. Wow that tree looks great.
    Laura xx

  7. that's fab, I'd love to come across something like that.

    thanks for sharing the stitch along, i hadn't seen it. Hope I can find time!

  8. What great fun for kids ans adults alike!
    Wonder if its been done a by a stitchy someone, who will go back when the doilies have all been eco dyed by tree and the weather????

  9. I've seen the knitted tree bombing before but never lace doilies. It looks great.

  10. I have heard of yarn bombing before, but doilies! that is a first! Very cute too.



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