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Monday, February 4, 2013

A RachaelDaisy February

Each month I will share a page of the amazing calendar wonderful RachaelDaisy made especially for me.  I absolutely love the February page.

I've been happily stitching away and finished this gorgeous project which I started at a Patchwork Tea House Stitchery Day.
I'm sure you can recognise the artwork of super creative Liz Stanway of Teddlywinks.  This will be hanging in my family room.

This is a brilliant project.  So easy. So clever. So creative. Sierra from Blue Robin Cottage was a guest blogger at UCreate and shared this fabulous project.  It's basically a decorated pre-made canvas bag.  Would be fabulous for the fund-raising stall at a quilt show. Here's the LINK. Thanks so much.


  1. lov e your new stitchery Mel and love how you have matched the stripes on the side,very clever,have a wonderful day my friend.xx

  2. Beautiful stitchery Melody. Quick work too. Thanks for the link.

  3. Your little stitchery has come up so nice Mel. It was very clever of you to match the stripes!

  4. What a lovely calendar. Your stitchery is so cute an I love the frilly bag. Thanks for the link, you must have a wonderful time surfing around to find such inspiring projects.

  5. Very pretty calendar page and your stitchery is very beautiful!

  6. Your welcome looks lovely. What a cute bag, thanks for the link Melody. Sharyn:)

  7. The blue birds are gorgeous. Very pretty calendar.
    Enjoy admiring your pretties.

  8. Gosh, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw my name there. Happy February Melody! Your stitchery is so perfectly pretty!

  9. Love your stitchery, just beautiful. Thanks for the link. Hugs.....

  10. Sorry I'm late but I wish you a very, very happy birthday !!
    You have been spoiled... so many beautiful gifts !!
    And your little Welcome panel is very cute !

  11. LOVE!!! It turned out so sweet and I love how you did the quilting around it. I would have never thought of that...you are really creative!
    I have a sick dog that is really taking up lots of my time lately with long trips to the vet and meds twice a day....I'm exhausted! LOL! How did I ever raise 4 kids? Hopefully, she'll be on the mend soon and we'll be through with the meds which are a REAL struggle for both of us! LOL!
    I love the bag...too cute...wouldn't that be great for Summer! Too many wonderful projects...too little time! But fun to dream too. Thanks again!



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