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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another LINK

Again I'm doing family things today so no sewing to share.  Thinking of all my Queensland friends today and hoping you are all OK.

I need some new pot holders.  I know there are heaps of patterns around but this one really took my fancy.
Huge thanks to The Ribbon Retreat Team.  Check out the LINK for the matching items too.  Fabulous.


  1. that is really cute,thankyou for the link Mel,have fun with your family.xx

  2. Such a terrible few weeks Melody - fires and floods, but we all thinking of everyone up there. Lovely link for potholder thankyou

  3. LOVE!!!!! Isn't that the cutest! What a lovely gift that would make...I'm thinking Christmas already! LOL! Thank you so much and I hope people in Queensland are safe...I hear there was a storm? We might get some severe weather tomorrow as it went from 30F to 70F today! BTW...I'm having a drawing this week so be sure and sign up! I don't care where you live...it's for ALL my friends! And you are a dear one!

  4. really cute link Melody, Have a lovely day.



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