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Friday, December 21, 2012

So many goodies...

...are arriving in the post. As I have unashamedly said before, I absolutely adore presents and especially surprises so I am in seventh heaven.

I am totally in love with this amazing covered journal from Raewyn. Above is the front...

...and here is the back. It is just perfect in every way.  Thank you so much Raewyn, it is wonderful.

Jude, my partner in Fee's Christmas Advent Swap, has totally spoiled me.  

Each day I have a wonderful gift waiting for me and each and every one is totally delightful.

Yesterday I attended yet another Christmas Party at wonderful NOTYQ and when I arrived home I discovered my lovely friend Dianne had slipped this beautiful gift in my bag.  

I'm starting to do some cross stitch again so this is a particularly delightful gift.

So I am, as Michelle would say, an extremely happy little gimme pig. 

This lovely quilt is described as a Four Hour Quilt, Easy Carpenters Star so you've still got time to whip up a few before Christmas - .  I know I wouldn't be able to produce it so quickly but it is a lovely design and there is a fabulous free pattern very kindly shared at Quilt Frog.  Here's the LINK.


  1. lots of wonderful gifts for a wonderful lady,enjoy them and your day Mel.xx

  2. Melody what great gifts you have received. I love the dog on your journal cover. It is so much fun to receive surprises.
    Quilt frog is like an hour and 1/2 away from me. I have been over there to buy some machine quilting patterns. The ladies there are so nice.
    Merry Christmas and my you have a Blessed New Year.

  3. Lots of beautiful goodies for a lovely lady...
    The little pig is so cute..

    Love the pincushions on yesterdays post too.

  4. A puppy for Melody....how perfect:-)

  5. Thanks for linking to the Easy Carpenters Star tutorial! I've been wanting to make one and that pattern looks perfect. :)

  6. So pleased you like it Melody :-) I love the advent swap gifts you have received - plenty to get you in the mood for Christmas!!

  7. I know how wonderful Raewyn's gifts are and you are a lucky lady. Good things come to good people. Wishing you a Happy Christmas.

  8. Those gifts are so precious, love the link too!

  9. Lovely journal cover :) And gorgeous advent gifties!
    I always giggle when I see things like 4 hour quilts, I figure they mean the time for me to find and choose the fabric, then the making is extra, lol. It is a lovely pattern though :)

  10. Cracking journal cover, I love it.

    F x



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