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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Show and Tell Part 2

Today I want to share a bit more of the gorgeous Show and Tell from the Mill Rosie Friends  Get Together.

The Mill Rosie Friends are such a talented bunch.

I'm off for a day out with my lovely friend Sue.  We knew each other years ago, but when I returned to full time work we lost touch.  Wonderful blog-world bought us back together and now we are off on an op-shopping adventure.
Check out Sue's blog, I Purr Furr to Craft and you will see the full extent of her creativity and talents.  She is a wonderful and inspiring woman who does and makes so much for others.

Wouldn't this make a really cute stitchery.  Just use fabric instead of paper and embroider the words.  Huge thanks to Jessica at Happy Together. Here's the LINK


  1. Have a fun day Mel.xx

  2. They are a talented lot of ladies. Especially love the second quilt.

  3. such beautiful quilts.. it is always so inspiring to see what poeple have made.... have a lovely day with your friend...

  4. Hope you have a great day out and find some treasure. Thanks for some more lovely show and tell.

  5. Hope you have the best day out with Sue! :) Sounds like lots of fun. Thanks for sharing the photos of the quilts, Melody. I just never get tired of seeing photos of quilts. xo

  6. Lots of beautiful show and tell.

  7. Thanks Melody, I had a brilliant time yesterday, It was so very very good to catch up with you and see you again in person. Everything after that was a bonus, I am sharpening my blades this morning and getting my bits together to make the Christmas Cake pincushion for the Christmas Swap. You have a lovely day.



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