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Friday, November 30, 2012

Feeling happy...

...to be home.  I love going down to the family holiday house at Blairgowrie (the picture shows lovely Diamond Bay, which we often have all to ourselves)

but I am always really happy to come home too, especially as my dear little dogs stay at home with Jack.  While I was away I got a little bit of stitching time and here's what I sewed.

I bought these dear little stitcheries by Liz of Teddlywinks , already printed on the fabric for $8 for the three, when I went to Gail B's with Sue.
On arriving home I found a parcel containing these intriguing pressie parcels from Jeanette.
I'm planning on saving all these gifties for Christmas day opening - what a day it will be.  Huge thanks to Jeanette and to Maree for organising our swap as part of the Let's Stitch Together Group.

Ellie is just the cutest little elephant you can image and lucky lucky us - she is a free pattern, very kindly shared by wonderful Jessica at Happy Together.  Thank you so much.


  1. Very cute birdies.

    Enjoy putting them together.

  2. Oh Melody, you only showed a pic of my absolute favourite-ist place down there :) I love your birdie stitcheries, I have her Christmassy ones on my wishlist, lol. Oh you will have a lovely time come Christmas Day :)

  3. Hi Mel ,that beach looks wonderful and nice weather to be there as well,not long now till i see you again.xx

  4. What a beautiful place to take a holiday, love the coast.
    Your projects are so fun, that is going to be a beautiful quilt.


  5. Glad you're home safe and sound Mel. Your stitcheries are just gorgeous. Will catch up soon. xx

  6. Welcome back. It does look like a perfect getaway.

  7. Those birdies blocks are so cute.. perfect fabric frames for them too. When I read you were in Blairgowrie I thought you were here in Scotland! :o) Your Blairgowrie looks gorgeous... beautiful place to chill out and stitch.

  8. Your stitcheries are so cute !!!

  9. That place looks gorgeous and perfect for stitching and relaxing. Lucky you! Cute stitcheries too, well done. debbie

  10. What a view!!!!!!welcome home, gorgeous stitcheries....

  11. Glad you enjoyed some vacation time at Blairgowrie , it sure looks like a lovely place to visit.Your stitcheries are just adorable :-)

  12. I have a question, but I didn´t found your mail addy! Is the bom with block 7 finished? I surched for 8 - 10 but I didn ´t found t.

    Greeting Guilitta from Germany

  13. welcome home and glad you had a great time..... such lovely little stitcheries....

  14. I think we will have to take Swanee van for a visit there Melody it looks so gorgeous. I love your little birdie stitcheries they are so sweet. Aren't you good waiting until Christmas.



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