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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Delight of Doilies

Here's how the Bundoora Homestead Calendar of Exhibitions describes the exhibition I visited with Christine yesterday -

Gina Wilson’s collection of vintage hand embroidered 
linens includes tablecloths, doilies, aprons, teacosies, 
and many other items found in op-shops, garage sales 
and on eBay. This exhibition focuses on pieces that 
mark milestones in Australian history, as well as native 
flora and fauna.
We are so lucky to have this fabulous gallery a ten minute drive from home.  I love this venue
and this particular exhibition was outstanding.  It features early Australian linens and all of them were completely new to me.
Christine at MacDonalds Patch has done a brilliant post with lots of pictures of the items in the exhibition.  Please pop over and take a look.

Gina was the most fabulous person

Christine and I chatted to her for over two hours and it was like getting together with an old friend.  Gina is a blogger too.  If you visit her HERE it will lead you to all her blogs.

The linen collection is amazing and Gina told us it was only about 1% of her collection.  Quite a few of the items featured budgies and these stole my heart.
I'm so grateful to Christine for inviting me to join her on this brilliant outing, especially as this is the last weekend.  If you are in Melbourne and would like to visit go HERE for details

Rather than an individual pattern today I want to share a LINK to the most amazing place - The Antique Pattern Library.
Here's how they describe the project
This ongoing project is an effort to scan needlework pattern books that are in the public domain, to preserve them, so we can keep our needlework heritage in our hands. These scans have been photo edited to make them more useful for needle workers, and to reduce file sizes. They are available, for free, to anyone who wants them, for educational, personal, artistic and other creative uses.
I can spend hour after blissful hour at this site.  I'm sure you will love it too.


  1. lol,really you talked for over 2 hours i found that hard to believe,lol,i am being cheeky,so glad you both had a wonderful day,i love the budgies too,so lovely these linens,enjoy your weekend my friend.xx

  2. It really enhances an exhibition when the venue complements it. Sounds like you had a lovely time.

  3. what a wonderful exhibition to visit, and thanks for the link!

  4. What a fabulous venue and exhibition. I think I would collect the things with budgies too. We had one in those exact colours.

  5. What a wonderful exhibition.... Not like you girls to talk for two hours
    Lovely that our stitching heritage is in such safe hands.

  6. Both you and Christine were very lucky to be able to go to the Linen Exhibition. So many lovely pieces there..

  7. I adore vintage linens - I would have loved to go to this!!!!

  8. That looks like a wonderful exhibition. It's so great that Gina has amassed a collection of Australian linens. I love the Lyre Bird doilies!! Remember once upon a time it seemed everyone had a pet budgie, they're so pretty.

  9. What a fabulous day out...imagine you talking for two hous, amazing! *LOL*...



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