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Monday, September 17, 2012

Getting red, red, ready for the Mill Rosie Friends get together.

I spent the weekend doing some secret stitching for the next Mill Rosie Friends Get Together.  At our next meeting we are having an Anni Downs Swap.  All you have to do is make a project by Anni - we will put them in a great big bag - and then participants can lucky dip for a pressie.  Here's an example of what was swapped at the last meeting made by Shez and Barb, with the chosen designer Rosalie Quinlan
From Shez...

...and from Barb
So how do you become a member of the Mill Rosie Friends.  Just come along to our next Bloggers Get Together.  Everyone is very welcome.  You don't have to have your own blog, you can be a blog reader too.
When Saturday November 17 at 10.00am 
Where Ballan, Victoria (just off the western Highway, before Ballarat)
Where exactly? 
Milrose Quilts and Gallery is at 92 Inglis Street, Ballan
The Mill Cottage restaurant is at Main Road - 96 Inglis Street Ballan
Is there a map? Yes HERE
What is there to eat?  Here's the Lunch Menu + there are specials every day

What will we do?  We will have a FABULOUS time.  Bring along some stitching, Show and Tell, an Anni Downes themed present if you want to go in the swap, some money for lunch (or you can bring your lunch) and a big smile because it is going to be so much fun.
You can read more about our first get together HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.
I've even made us a logo

and started our own little Blog - The Mill Rosie Friends.

Please let me know if you are coming to lunch so I can book.
Can't make it this time, email me and I'll put you on our mailing list and of course check by our blog now and then.  Interstate and overseas visitors visiting Victoria are very welcome too.  In fact...
...Everyone is welcome.


I'm totally in love with red and white quilts and red work stitcheries.
Here's a LINK to a fabulous Red Work Tutorial at fabulous Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials


  1. Loving the logo, will add it to my blog :o) I am so looking forward to our next meet up :o)

  2. i am definitely coming Mel,please put my name down,wouldnt miss this for quids,lol,see you there my friend.xx

  3. Perhaps one day I'll make it to one of the get togethers... fingers crossed! :)

  4. so great to see you southern bloggers are getting together regularly... great idea Mel...

  5. I will be there Melody, I have asked a couple of girls from my sewing group to join us. I will give you definite numbers asap.

  6. That is such a sweet redwork block. Wish I could come to the lunch! Bet it's a really good time!! :)

  7. How neat that enough of you live close for a luncheon and sew group. I'm going to use your owl block pattern and similar materials but put redwork embroiders in the middle instead of owls

  8. Oh I want to come....crying here now :( I love your logo it is gorgeous.

  9. How clever of you to make a Mill Rosie Friends badge! It's lovely Mel.

  10. Blog meets are such fun! Have a great time and I am looking forward to the one here in Brisbane in a few weeks

  11. Fantastic idea Mel,put my name down as coming and maybe my sister as well if she can get a babysitter :) Barb.

  12. I have put the date on my calendar and am making a swap item. woo hoo!

  13. I wish i didnt live so far away, I would love to come. Love the red quilts and stitchery. My favs too :)

  14. Hi, thank you so much for posting on my new blog. I've read your blog for ages! debbie

  15. Oh it would be lovely to attend , sure wish I lived a whole lot closer !



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