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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Off to NOTYQ

A couple of people have asked what these letters stand for and it's the North of the Yarra Quilting Guild.  I love this group so much I attend both the day meeting and the night meeting most Thursdays and I'm off there again.  I know I will have lots of fun.
Last week I won this great raffle prize at the NOTYQ guild meeting.

On Tuesday I was over at my father-in-laws place in Kew and thought I'd walk down to the Patchwork House.  When I arrived I was sorry to discover that it is closing down.  There is 30 - 40 % off just about everything. It will close at the end of September.  

This is where I bought these cute little patterns at 30% off.  In case you want some reduced price goodies it is at 77 Church Street Hawthorn.  It's been around since the 1960s so its pretty sad to see it go.

Here's a LINK to the cutest little felt dog
Huge thanks to Jenny at sweet happy All Sorts.


  1. Patchwork House is my local quilt shop! I will really miss it! Those patterns are cute- I was looking at them in Ucello on the weekend! I better get down and buy some! The fabric from your win looks fabulous! I love the spots!

  2. Isn't it so sad to see good shops close, especially patchwork ones. Love that little felt dog, maybe.......

  3. Congratulations on your win. I love how you have fussy cut the gum nut babies in the previous post.

  4. congrats Mel on your lovely win and that is the cutest little felt dog.xx

  5. Hope you enjoyed your meeting , lovely win at last weeks meeting . So sad when we loose a quilt shoe , we have one closing as well, I am going there today . Hugs Sheila

  6. Yummy looking Jelly Roll you won..
    Nice patterns too. Always sad when an established store closes down..

  7. It is a shame when a shop you like closes.
    Love the little dog,will have a look at that.
    Laura x

  8. Congratulations.Beautiful fabrics and patterns.Happy sewing!!

  9. really nice win. always sad to hear shops closing.

  10. I find it sad to hear of any patchwork shops closing... but it is good to get some bargains! love your fabric roll



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