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Monday, July 9, 2012

Home Sweet Home Part 6

When I wanted to make an American style barn for my penny rug I had to go no further than Linda's wonderful blog Quilts in the Barn for inspiration...
...and copy the actual barn in her garden.  So here it is -  Part 6.  You can down load the templates HERE.
Cut out the pieces on the pattern sheet in your chosen colours.  Cut the piece of red felt that you have removed for the door way in half from top to bottom.  This will form the doors.  Mark the middle of each door.  Cut 1/4" strips of white felt and sew into two two crosses on each door.
Then sew white strips around each door.
Sew your barn to the background.  Cut 1/4" strips to for the door lintel and roof edge.  Attach in place.  Now sew on the doors.
Cut a rectangle 2" x 2 1/2".  Chain stitch the timbers to divide the panes of glass then sew white strips around the window.  Sew in place.
Sew on the snow and the snowman and dress him however you wish.

Part 7 will be in my August 13th post.
I'm off to spend the day with little Henry.
See you tomorrow for 


  1. your penny rug is coming together beautifully. Love the barn!

  2. wow looks great Mel.xx

  3. Wonderful barn, love how it is coming along. There is an old farm where I grew up, would love to do it in a piece, someday.


  4. I have been madly stitching Parts 1 - 5 to catch up, I have posted my pics so far this morning. Great addition of the barn. Hope you are keeping well Mel. Hugs

  5. Darling Little Barn! Also like your idea of buying little presents for your self thru the year and giving them to your husband to give you at Christmas! We go shopping together but each pick out what we want the other to get us! Works good too!

  6. What a perfect barn- just the way barns should be! I hope to one day see one like that in real life!

  7. thanks Melody... it is all looking so lovely... hope you are having a lovely day with Henry....

  8. Your penny rug is so beautiful Melody. I love that you used Linda's Barn.

  9. Thanks Melody , a great addition , I love barns!

  10. Hello,

    I cant find the Link to the pdf from Number 5. please can you help me and send me the Link or the pdf? Under the instruction is standing: The Link will come later, but it isn´t there. please help me.

    Greeting Guilitta

  11. Hi there!! I am desperately looking for the Home Sweet Home part 7 tutorial!! I can't find it anywhere!! Can you please help???




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