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Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday on my mind...

...in fact Friday Night Sewing, with Heidi and Bobbi, is on my mind.  I'm going to spend today getting a couple of projects ready for stitching so I can settle down in a comfy spot tonight with a mug of hot chocolate, a box of Maltesers and stitch and stitch and stitch.

Another parcel has arrived at my place containing these gorgeous blocks from Jessica as part of lovely Sue's Quilting Block Swaps Australia

Thank you very much to Jessica. they are gorgeous.  Be sure to check out Sue's fabulous blog, Quilted Hugs.  She is so talented and I love seeing what she has been doing.


Michelle Ridgeway
Gorgeous Michelle will be in Melbourne soon and Christine and I are arranging a Get-Together for her.  All going well her lovely hubby will be heading off for the day with my son Sam, as they are both steam train enthusiasts, and we will have Michelle all to ourselves.  

The meeting venue will be be the Patchwork Teahouse in Warburton (Michelle is staying that side of town) and I'm sure we will have enormous fun.  There's one small hitch - I cannot give you a date yet.  Michelle and Gary have no set timetable and may do some side trips as they wend their way along the coast between Adelaide and Melbourne.  As soon as Michelle knows when she will be here I'll let you know.  If you are interested in joining us, everyone is very welcome.  Please send me an email or leave me a comment and I'll make sure you have all the details.

Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair.
Christine from MacDonald's Patch and I are organising another Bloggy Get-Together, this time at the Quilt Fair at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.  It will be on Friday July 27th at 12.00 for lunch or just a coffee. We are also going to Luccello, so if you have never ventured up in the antique lift please join us for this afternoon adventure too.  It is the most wonderful shop. 
I'll post more details in a week or so.
I've found another wonderful blog, You had me at bonjour.  This is how Kirsty describes herself An Australian mother of four and lucky wife to the mister, this is my record of our life in southern France.
And her blog is everything you could possibly hope for.  This is a gorgeous pattern she designed and shares with us all HERE.


  1. Enjoy all your stitching tonight and such fun with the get togethers....

  2. lovely blocks!
    would love to meet up with Michelle at your get together. Will stay tuned for the date and will let you know 100% then

  3. mmmmm Might do FNSI at your place if you are having maltesers!

  4. Enjoy your stitching and I sure wish I could be there to meet both you and Michelle , have fun. hugs Sheila

  5. Have a fun friendly get together!!!

  6. Ooooooo...I would so love to be there for the bloggy get together. One day. One day.



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