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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Little hexies from bloggy friends...

...are arriving on my doorstep.  At our last Bloggy Friends Meet Marina showed her fabulous finished hexie purse.  
Here's a close-up picture I stole from Marina's blog.

Mine however looks like this and we both bought the patterns at the same time.

As a joke I said everyone should make me a few half inch hexies to make my bag grow.  First some arrived from lovely Marina (showed in the post HERE) and on Friday another happy bunch arrived from gorgeous Annette.

I'm so lucky to have such wonderful bloggy friends.

I can think of so many uses for these brilliant bags
Huge thanks It's a Pretty Modern Life for sharing this fabulous pattern.  The tutorial is so clear and easy to follow.  We are so lucky that fabulous designers so generously share with us.


  1. The purse will be done..... how fun to have it with hexies from different friends...

  2. That hexie purse is gorgeous, i can see why you wanted to make one too. Who is the pattern by?

  3. I think my purse needs a friend and your purse would love to be finished.
    Annette's hexies are so cute.

  4. How wonderful of your friends to send you more hexagons, they are darling! You'll get it finished yet, sweetie!

  5. Yay they arrived!!! Good to see the post people were quicker at getting the mail to you then I was at putting the envelope in the big red mail box (that took a week!). Glad you like them, won't be long until that purse is all finished and ready to party with Marina's at our next bloggy meet :)

  6. Me encanta como te quedó.Precioso.

  7. The hexi purse is jut delightful! Keep going I know you are going to love it and use it when finished.
    Love Leanne

  8. Oh My those Hexies are soo Tiny...Marina's Bag is Gorgeous.

  9. Beautiful little hexies, your bag will soon be finished now!

  10. I want to steal one of those bags! Oh my gosh is that the coolest thing ever!



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