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Friday, May 25, 2012

Different lives

One of the fabulous things about the internet and our wonderful bit of blog world is the insight it gives into the lives and tastes of fellow quilters and stitchers.  I recently participated in Kathy's fabulous Friend with Benefits swap.  My partner was Maricarmen in Argentina and this is what I sent -

Yesterday my beautiful gift from Maricarmen arrived.

What makes it very special is how much effort Maricarmen had to make to participate in this swap.  As she says in her beautiful card

We haven't telephone or cell
We have internet when God wants
We haven't post office...Only have one neighbour who carries the mail for a route that began two years ago
Conclusion: When it rain, nobody leaves town.  And rains, rains, rains..,

I feel very privileged that every thing in the universe aligned and Maricarmen, found the swap, the materials to make me a present and that our gifts made it to each other.

A truly special swap.  Thank you so much Maricarmen and Kathy.

Today's link to a wonderful free pattern will take you to the brilliant Purlbee
where you can find a tutorial to make these gorgeous Miniature Patchwork Pincushions.
Fabulous indeed!


  1. I feel like saying "Snap!' Look how wonderfully similar your swap gifts with Maricarmen are - teddies, colours, special sewing treats...and made with love. I am so happy that the universe aligned and your gifts to each other arrived:) And thank you for this lovely post, Melody.

  2. What a special swap package , loved reading the story about the journey your package had .

  3. Your packages certainly had an adventure!

  4. Lovely gifts Melody. Reading about wonderful women like Maricarmen certainly makes you realize how much we take for granted in our daily lives and how truly lucky we are to live in this beautiful country.

  5. Oh Mel that is the cutest swap story,and i love the sewing case you sent it was just gorgeous,lovely swap ladies.xx

  6. What a wonderful story attached to your gift!
    And how similiar too... :)

  7. How special is that. We do take so much for granted here where we have most things at our fingertips. I would say everything did align in the universe for this special expression of friendship.

  8. Lovely gifts both sent and received.... the story for Maricarmen made me realise how easy everything is for me....

  9. I think that makes your swap experience all the more special. How wonderful.
    love your stitcheries from your previous post. So cute.

  10. We take so much for granted that with a touch of a button here I am writing to you and off it goes in a jiffy, the post office is a short walk away and I have a choice of patchwork shops to visit within a few square miles. Lucky indeed, but you are the lucky one to have received something so special.

  11. For that parcel to make it across the world from Maricarmen to your door is a miracle and makes the gift ever so precious.

  12. What a wonderful reminder today to be thankful for the large and small gifts God has placed in our lives. blessings, marlene



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