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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Super Simone and Inklingo

When lovely Simone of  Quilts N Cats invited me to visit her home I was very excited.  Not just because she is a delightful person, not just because she was going to show me her quilts but also because her home is home to four adorable kitty cats.  Not all are little kitties though.

Two are Coon cats, large and gorgeous.  Simone + quilts + cats - what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Simone also introduced me to Inklingo and of course my mind is now racing with ideas and plans and I feel like abandoning all my current projects and going off on this new path.  I'll try to resist but who knows.  I've not made any really small quilts so maybe there is room for a miniature or two.
This delightful miniature was made by Simone. It is only 10 1/2 inches by 13 1/2 inches.   Amazing and wonderful.


I came across this fabulous resource, 

at Landauer.  A multitude of charts and formulas - just brilliant.

And finally a little ray of sunshine in the shape of a quilt.  You can find a free pattern at Benartex.

Have a wonderful day


  1. Real cute kitties they can come and visit my house any time,love you exchange hexies have a good day jinnie

  2. Beautiful cats and isn't Inklingo a wonderful invention?

  3. oh i didnt realize how small the pieces were in the quilt until you said the size,cute cats.xx

  4. Wow - my idea of a heavenly post, Maine Coon kitties (I want one), quilting & then the unexpected - charts & formulas. A quilting finance person's dream. Thanks for the link Mel, downloaded & off to read all the numerical magic. Oh & yes, I know I am 'strange'! Tracee xx

  5. Gorgeous cats. I really like mini quilts and will make one one day. Thanks for the charts link. I think the one that shows how much to enlarge or reduce things to change the size of the block will be useful. Some of the others I can do with my quilting calculator.

  6. Thank you Mel, I really enjoyed having you hear and it was great of Spud to be so friendly to you.

  7. Hello Melody,

    Wow you certainly hit the jackpot on your day out. Lovely miniature quilt.

    Happy Easter.

  8. Oh such gorgeous kitties , I am sure your visit was delightful with kitties and quilts to enjoy. I must check out inklingo ,not familiar with it at all. hugs Sheila

  9. Love Minitures! Have made several and use as doll quilts. Even made a few for doll houses. Happy Easter!

  10. I have a coon kitty too! And 2 Russian blues and one big panther and one tabby and one tuxedo....and 6 lizards (soon to be 7) and a dog and two chooks and a fish and a rainbow lorikeet....I think that's it...

  11. The coon cats look gorgeous, and Inklingo sounds interesting. I love the little quilt.

  12. Such beautiful cats!! I've never heard of Coon cats. That mini quilt is amazing. I love the sunshine quilt.



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