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Friday, March 2, 2012

Sweet Raspberry Rabbits BOM

My lovely friend Shell at Raspberry Rabbits has a fabulous free BOM this year which is a tribute to her darling bunnies Hannah and Harrington.

Last night I started my version of Block Two.  You can get the free pattern HERE from Shell's fabulous on-line shop.
In just a few months time she has a book of her amazing Folk Art Fusion designs coming out. I just can't wait.  She is so talented, and sweet and kind too.
A few months ago I met Christine of McDonald's Patch at the North of the Yarra Quilting groups' quilt show.  You know how sometimes you meet some-one and you instantly like them.  Well that's how I felt about Christine.

We read each other's blogs and exchange emails and Christine has been suggesting I join her quilting group.  So last night I went along to a meeting and I had a wonderful time.  Everyone was so welcoming, and we chatted and laughed like old friends.

A huge thank you to Christine for meeting me there and introducing me around.
Gorgeous Honey Bunny from Helen at fabulous Orange You Lucky

Adorable Sleeping Bunnies from SLODIVE

and this one stole my heart at Mostly Knitting

These are three more amazing blogs to check out.


  1. that was really pretty , the flower with the bunnies

  2. It was lovely having you come to our sit and sew Mel. How nice it is to meet our blogging friends in person. We certainly got a lot of talking in, along with a bit of stitchery! I see you got your Hannah and Harrington block finished. It looks lovely. We probably could have got a lot more sewing done last night if we hadn't talked so much! LOL I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself and we haven't scared you off. Looking forward to catching up with you soon. Hugs, Christine

  3. what a lovely lady Christine is and of course how could you both not get on ,you are both amazing ladies,so glad you got to meet each other in person,thankyou for those lovely links Mel,enjoy your day.xx

  4. How wonDerFuL to meet up with blogging friends. I'm soooo very jealous of the two of you! :)

  5. So many groups, so little time! And for me so much distance! Sounds like you had a lovely evening and a new beginning! Good stuff.

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely evening, Melody :) did you get much stitching done?

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely time at your new quilting group :-) Love your Block 2 - I see with interest that you have button-holed rather than running stitched. Did you also use the Steam a Seam to 'glue' the felt on? I've done my stitching on the 1st two blocks and am just up to the felt steps. Thanks. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  8. That is such a sweet block Melody - I love Shell's stuff, and I too am really looking forward to her book! How lovely that you have some new friends to stitch with. Thanks for the wonderful links, hon!

  9. The bunny block is so cute!! You find the most amazing things on the internet. And aren't sewing friends the best, I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

  10. how fun to go and play with Christine and her group.. it is so fun when you get together and click so well

  11. Your Hannah and Harrington looks great.Love those bunnies!

  12. Love your block! :)
    Oh how I would love to go to a stitching group with you and Christine! So much fun it would be!



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