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Saturday, March 24, 2012

On a cold windy day...

there's nothing better than curling up with my little doggies and stitching the day away.  So that's what I did yesterday.

This dear little stitchery is from Liz at Teddlywinks.  A set of two came preprinted on the fabric for only $10 including postage.  A bargain I think.  This one is for a project for the Christmas pressie basket.

I also started hand quilting one of the items I'm making for an Easter swap, which needs to be posted early next week.  I'll be very glad to post the parcel as I've been finding it hard not to eat the chocolates which are part of the present.  I'll show you more once it has arrived at its destination.

Fabulous quilt.....Great detailed tutorials....What more could you want?  Thank you so much to Kim at Magnolia Bay Quilts, for sharing this wonderful project.  The second part of the tutorial is HERE


  1. What a sweet stitchery, Melody! You're so right, nothing better to do on a cold day that cuddle up and stitch....well, or read....

  2. Your teddy bears are very cute Mel.

  3. cute stitcheries Mel,lol,i have had to replace my chocolate for the easter swap 3 times before i sent it off last week,i was a bad girl,lol.xx

  4. Def a good way to spend a cold windy day :) Nice work Melody

  5. That is the best way to spend a windy cold day. esp with the little ones.



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