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Monday, February 13, 2012

Home Sweet Home Part 2

Time for Part two of Home Sweet Home and there are some bucolic touches to add this month.

Cut out the tree, bee hive, bird and sheep from felt or your fabric of choice.
You can download the pattern here.

Just like last month I suggest you start with the tree first as you want to make sure you have room for all its branches. I added and completed the tree before I added the other features.

  • Cut out the trunk and lightly glue it in place.  To give some texture to the trunk, I stitched a few horizontal rows of running stitch up the trunk and along the upper branches.
  • Complete the lower branches with chain stitch.
  • Then arrange an assortment of buttons on the branches and sew in place.  I've got a really great button collection and so I didn't have to go out and buy buttons.  If you don't have many or don't want to have to spend money, or just don't like or want them on your rug, you could replace them with circles of felt.

Next for the little bee hive. Glue it in place, blanket stitch around and add some back stitch details using the photos for guidance if you want.

  • Now for a couple of cute little sheep.  They would look wonderful with little black faces and legs but my background fabric was too dark to allow this.
  • Don't forget to add some little woolly swirls to their backs.
  • Be careful not to encroach too close to the end of the rug as another building will be coming next.
Remember to glue the bird to the top of the tree and stitch to decorate.

Don't worry that there are gaps in the decoration at the moment as Part 9 will be our 'tissying' month.  We'll add flowers to the gardens and more grass under the trees, little bees buzzing around the hives, numbers to the doors and fruit on some trees.  You can start looking out for sweet buttons and charms if that takes your fancy.

Hope you are having fun stitching along.  See you tomorrow for Tuesday Treasures.
PS Don't forget to enter my give-away on my Feb 9th post.  Just leave me a comment on that post and you will be in the draw.


  1. its looking so pretty Mel.xx

  2. Woo Hoo... Love that tree with the buttons. I am loving this Melody.. Thank you so much.

  3. Looking forward to working on this later int he week :o) thankyou

  4. This is looking great Mel, I hope I will bw able to catch up later, I have just got my machine and printer back, but my sewing room had to be cleared right out for the plasterer this week, then the painter and floor covering people later, so I can't do much at the moment. Love from R.

  5. I love your button tree. Was it you did the button balloon girl? Buttons are so versatile. The stitching on the sheep and bird is very cute.

  6. Lovely Mel. The button tree is fabulous. Love it. xx

  7. All the details on this quilt are lovely, especially the buttons!

  8. It's really lovely, I look forward to working on these new details. I may have to add black sheep because my background is light!

  9. Melody, Your work is just sooo beautiful. The button tree is so clever. All of it is so sweet.

  10. Can't wait to start...looks amazing. Thanks Fiona for such a great project

  11. Back home just in time for this... thanks... looks great fun...

  12. Hopping around some blogs I know this part 2 will be a big hit! Well done!

  13. What a sweet addition, can't wait to get started ! Thanks Melody.

  14. SO SO CUTE!!! Thank you Melody, this is too darling for words!

  15. So very sweet, I LOVE the button tree.



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