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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ahhhhh...Why did I start this

I usually write my post the night before I publish it, so last night I wrote about a project I'm working on and planned to share today.  It just needs another hour or so of stitching, which I planned to do this morning.
But I thought I'd just tidy my sewing room for awhile first.  I've got some new shelves and I wanted to utilise them. Next thing I knew I'd up-ended the whole lot and was having a major reorganise.

There is chaos - little Pip gave up and fell asleep in a pile I'd thrown on the floor ready to bag up and send to the op shop.
I'm hoping it will all end up looking like this corner...

...but it may take a very long time.

I subscribe to Jenny of Elefantz on-line monthly magazine, Elefantz Home, and have thoroughly enjoyed every single issue.  I'm currently stitching one of her delightful designs and loving every minute of it. (If you've read the above section you will know why I can't share it today)
  The magazine always contains beautifully written and thought provoking articles, wonderful recipes and divine sewing projects all for only $4 a month.  Hope this doesn't sound too much like an ad, Jenny has no idea I'm writing this, it's just I love to share things I enjoy.

Jenny is always very generous with the patterns she shares for free.  These are some of my favourites.
Her latest BOM, Promises and Borders

All sorts of great ideas for re-using and recycling HERE

Do check out her Tutorials section too, so many lovely things.

On top of all this she is one of the sweethearts of the blogging world.  A truly kind and good person.  Thanks for all you share, Jenny.
And now for the winner of my Teddy Bears Picnic giveaway.  Mr Random Number Generator chose Rosalie. 
Look out for a Jacquie Lawson card coming your way.  It will have a one year subscription to their wonderful cards and note-cards attached.


  1. I like to take fabric scraps to my sons primary school and the local kinder and crèche also appreciate them for craft with the kids. I love a good tidy up, but I am avoiding it at present, as I find to many good patterns a nd new projects to start!

  2. I'm trying to sort out my cave too but even a small corner is not ready to be photographed yet.

  3. Oh, good luck with your 'Spring' clean!! I'm sure you will have a sense of achievement when you get everything sorted! I'm in the middle of a (mini) tidy-up too!

  4. Oh... now I know why I shouldn't try and tidy up!!!! it's too exhausting for our pets....
    I do love Jenny's work too...

  5. Good luck with the sorting and reorganising. Enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

  6. Good luck with your cleaning and organising. Your first corner looks fine to me.

  7. I had a big tidy up too but I have now managed to destroy it in one day.....fabric everywhere. I need a cleaner, a cook, a secretary....hang on that sounds like a wife! Big Congrats to Rosalie.

  8. Like fiona you have reminded me why NOT to clean up. TOO bigger job.
    Hope you got it done Melody.

  9. I always end up doing that too.. starts with simple picking up and ends up with everything turned upside down getting a going over. Good luck, the picture of your neatly organized shelves is gorgeous and your little dog is so cute! xo

  10. I get Jenny's mag and it is wonderful! Love your blog too. Always something inspirational to be found.

  11. ROFL. It took me a while to see where Pip was!!! Congratulations to Rosalie I have used Jacquie Lawson for years they are such lovely e-cards. Hugs x

  12. I need a real good cleaning of my sewing room as well. But sadly it will have to wait until another week. I too am a subscriber to Elefantz Home and I adore it! Jenny is so talented.

  13. I with you ---one task leads to another but "bigger" one!
    :) Carolyn



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