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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thoughts in Thread

Last night I found a comfy spot to watch TV and stitched away at Block 1 of Val's lovely free BOM Thoughts in Thread. I'm using some French General fabrics which were left over from my Le Jardin quilt of last year.  Thank you so much for this sweet project Val.

Many thanks to clever Nadine who has done some detective work for everyone who is interested in the little vest quilt from a couple of posts ago.  The quilt pattern is Hidden Investments by Cindy Cooksey, costs $8.95
and is available from Trudy's Treasures in the USA.
There is also a cute little boxer shorts quilt pattern too.

Thank you so much Nadine.  Please contact me (you can get my email address under View My Complete Profile) as I'd like to send you a little present for being such a super sleuth and sharing this info with everyone.

Seems I'm obsessed with felt at the moment. How cute are these coasters?
You can find a fab tutorial over at The Purl Bee for the apples
and the citrus fruit too.


  1. What an excellent job on Block 1. I adore your fabrics!!!

  2. The little violin is so cute. I must make some of those apples. Thanks for the link.

  3. Oh my gosh - how cute are those coasters!? I love your sweet little block. I haven't had a chance to start Val's BOM yet. Too many great ideas, not enought time. Thanks to Nadine!!

  4. I love your color choice for the thoughts in thread piece. I have mine cut out and ready to stitch this week! :-)

  5. I do love the colours/fabrics you have chosen for your stitchery.. great coaster links and well done Nadine ...

  6. what a pretty block you have made Mel,well done.xx

  7. Love you block, Melody. Thanks for the lovely felt coasters link, they are incredible.

  8. Beautiful as always. Needed cheering up tonight and looking at your lovely stitching has really helped.

  9. You got Val's done already, it is so beautiful!!

    And those coasters?? LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

  10. Your block looks lovely, Melody. Val's designs are always beautiful. :)
    I like the fabrics you have chosen, also like Val's as I am a huge fan of Robyn Pandolph's fabrics, but I really should use something from my stash!

  11. What a lovely post Melody. I just love the way you add little details to all of your photos; it makes them so appealing and eye catching. Your block is gorgeous, you must be very satisfied with the result. I'm so glad Nadine tracked down the pattern AND aren't those coasters fabulous?! Thanks so much for your super blog! xx

  12. Love Val's BOM and loooooooooove the coasters! I'm totally hooked on felt now too! So fun!



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