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Monday, January 16, 2012

Henrietta is not ready yet

My little Henrietta Whiskers quilt is due at the longarm quilter's in February so I thought I'd better put on the borders and do the last little bits of applique.  I planned to have her ready to show today, but even though I've been madly stitching away, she's not finished yet.  So I'll share her on Thursday.
Don't forget that tomorrow is Tuesday Treasures.  I hope you will play along.

 I thought this would make a great present.
There are so many fabulous ideas and patterns at Sew4Home


here is a cover for an e-book reader from my gorgeous friend Bronwyn of Korumburra Quilting.

Another one of my lovely bloggy friends has released Block One of her free BOM and I can't resist this one.  I'll be stitching this one as a Christmas gift for a friend.
You can take a look at Val's BOM at Journey of a Stitcher.


  1. Oh no, not another bom to be tempted by!
    Can't wait to see your finished Henrietta whiskers.

  2. Can't wait to see Henrietta - I still haven't started mine. Val's bom looks fabulous, oh so many lovely temptations in blogland!

  3. The Sew4home site is wonderful. Thanks for passing it on. My sewing machine is singing!

  4. I have Henrietta pinned and started to quilt it. Oh I wish I could send her to a Longarm Quilter....

  5. I want to see your Henrietta. I've got the pattern and fabric. I might even get it made someday!

  6. Mine isn't done yet either. Must get to it. Sure you will get it done.



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