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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

Today I'm sharing one of my dearest treasures - my garden.  It's nothing flash, it's not huge and it doesn't have lots of exotic blooms but I love it.  It's kind of wild and overgrown for some tastes.  But that's just how I like it.
The simple flowers are actually my favourites.
And roses, I have to have roses.  Two of my favourites are Mary Rose and the Crocus rose.
I love the wildlife that visit.  I have a few large gum trees and they provide a home for countless birds, a family or two of naughty little possums and every evening a bunch of bats drop by.
I have a few interesting pieces of art out there.
And of course if I'm out there so are my little girlies too.
Do you have something you treasure to share with your blogging friends today.  Please pop your details into Mr Linky and join in the fun.


  1. lovely garden and pictures Melody - I think I'd love a stroll around... sounds like me... wild and overgrown!!!

  2. Beautiful garden Melody..I can see why it is one of your treasures...

  3. What a lovely garden Melody - especially with your little girls in it! They remind me of the dogs we had when I was growing up :)

  4. Oh Mel what a wonderful place you live in,i love it all,you are very lucky its beautiful

  5. Your garden is lovely Melody... looks like just the place to relax and unwind. I love that you have so much wildlife around.

  6. How gorgeous - I'd love to be walking in your garden right now! All is bare and grey here, and downright frigid....

  7. Your garden looks such a beautiful haven Melody No wonder it is your favourite treasure. I love all your gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. So many lovely photos. I love the garden art.

  9. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing!


  10. Your garden is beautiful Melody,the pansy is gorgeous . I love the simple flowers as well and roses are among my favorites.

  11. What a beautiful garden! I'd love to visit and just sit there and soak up all the beauty!

  12. Hello Meldoy,

    I want to thank you for hosting Tuesday's Treausres this year. It has been wonderful to see what things people love.

    Christmas commitments kept me away this week.
    happy days.

  13. Your garden is lovely, and very interesting with the garden art through it. Beautiful photos too.

  14. Beautiful flowers Melody... your garden sounds and looks gorgeous. Sorry I'm so late this week, but we've had no internet and it's been very, very frustrating :( xx



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