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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

Here's little Toby all dressed up to help Santa deliver the presents at our house.  He's got his little elfin bear friend too.  But before he does he's going on a picnic and because it's nearly Christmas he is going to eat chocolate, chocolate and even more chocolate.

Share a bear, dolly or softie
Do you have a little someone who would like to come on the picnic today.  Everyone is welcome.  Just pop your details into Mr Linky and join in the fun.

Links to great recipes and free patterns.
Last year at my sewing group's break up party Karin bought along this scrumptious plate of Swedish Christmas biscuits and yum, they were so delicious.  So I thought I'd share some favourite Christmas biscuit recipes as I know the bears on the picnic today will enjoy them too.

I make these every year and use the recipe HERE.  They are heaps of other beautiful biscuit recipes at this site and I find the Taste recipes work beautifully.
This is such an easy recipe and these are fun to decorate.  They are from Allrecipes and taste delicious.
The Florentines from Best Recipes are the easiest ever and are irresistible.

If you are looking for a couple of last minute present ideas, I don't think you can find nicer than these.
I find Gail Pans designs charming and I have bought many of her patterns but this one is absolutely free and available from her blog, Gail Pan Designs.  Thank you so much Gail.

Fabulous Bronwyn at Red Brolly has been generously sharing so many free patterns and ideas in the approach to the festive season, and she has more to come.
You just have to go and visit her.  She is amazing and wonderful and so, so generous.  I love Red Brolly.

Can You Help?  

Not bears this month but dear little donkeys

Every year at Christmas time I send a present to the donkeys at the Diamond Creek Donkey Sanctuary which is just a few minutes from where I live.  You can choose a gift from the donkey's Wishing Well. Many of these little donkeys have suffered much in their lives and I'm so grateful to the dedicated team who rescue them and ensure that for the rest of their lives they are treated with the kindness they deserve.


  1. your bears looks so decorative and festive....

  2. Gorgeous bear picture - love them both! Thanks for all the recipe and pattern links.. I will go now and check them all out :-)
    wishing you Stressfree Christmas Creativeness

  3. What a lovely post Melody. Can't join you in the Teddy's picnic - all of our softies are packed away for house selling. Enjoy!

  4. cute looking bears Mel,they will get fat eating all that choc,thankyou for all the links,take care Mel.

  5. Hi Melody. It is lovely to see your bears getting into the festive mood. And planning to eat lots of chocolate! They are gorgeous bears.
    Thank you Melody for all your work organising the Teddy Bear's Picnic each month. It has been fun to see all the posts linked to the picnic each month.

  6. Sorry we are so late Melody...looking after a sick little elf today! Toby and his friend are so cute and I am with them chokkies to the hilt! Thanks for the links will check them out. I concur thank you for the opportunity to join with all the other 'bear lovers' out there Melody I have loved it.

  7. Your Christmas Bears in the garden are gorgeous Mel, as are all the goodies,and patterns. Thank you for sharing, and for all your great blog posts. Love from Rosalie.

  8. Cute bears and terrific recipes. I will be baking some goodies today. You have been so busy.

  9. Gorgeous teddies and a beautiful photo and setting! Thanks for sharing the patterns and recipies, I will enjoy checking them out.

  10. The teddy's look very cute dressed up for Christmas. Lots of great recipes and thanks for reminding me to look at Red Brolly again. I got a lovely stitchery from there last week.



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