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Thursday, December 1, 2011

One Flower Wednesday + Lots of Goodies for me

I didn't get a chance to show you this week's hexies yesterday... but here they are, better late than never.
One is part of a gift and the other I'm going to add to my red and pink hexie swap quilt.  The nifty little gadget is a hexie template I bought from Jane's fabulous on-line shop Want It, Need It, Quilt.  I couldn't fussy cut without it and it was only $3.50.
Every week lovely Karen at Journey of a Quilter gives us the chance to share the hexie flowers we've made as part of One Flower Wednesday.  Why not say Hi to Karen and look at the links.

Some fabulous parcels have been arriving at my place.  First an unexpected one from sweet Marina from Maisie and the Boys.  Everything Marina does is exquisite including this gorgeous jug cover.
I am so in love with it.  The design, with it's sweet hearts, is beautiful. It's so perfectly made and its echoes of a gentler (in my imagination anyway) lifestyle is charming.  Thank you so much, Marina.  Such a wonderful, thoughtful gift and a lovely surprise.

A big box of goodies arrived and I excitedly spread them out on the table.  A present a day from wonderful Vickie from Vickies Crafting as part of Fees Advent 2011 swap.
Here they are in all their wonderfulness.  Lucky me.  Today I opened parcel 1 and wow look what was inside.  The most delightful little Christmas ornament.  The sweetest little dog and a perfect gift for me.  Thank you so much Vickie.

 And there is even more deliciousness to come, as fabulous Fee from Designs by Fee, was my secret swap partner in Maree's Six Christmas Item's swap.  The swaps Maree, from On My Veranda and Ollie and May, organises are always brilliant.  Thank you so much Maree.
A bundle of beautifully wrapped gifts arrived yesterday and they looked so lovely.

I was allowed to open all but one today.  Here they are.
Fee really spoiled me as each is perfect in every way.  I received a very fragrant and beautiful lavender heart.  You can make one too, as Fee has shared a tutorial HERE as a guest blogger at Shabby Art Boutique.  If you zoom in on this picture you will see how divine a stitched Christmas tree ornament can be.  Fee chose my fat quarter because she thought it would be perfect for hexies, and indeed it will be.  It is perfect and how delicious does that chocolate look?
There was more...
This is the most amazing book, I love every single project.  And what a perfect gift for some-one like me, who loves to make gifts and swap items.  Plus there is also a present to put under the tree.

Fee's gifts are a true reflection of the kindness and thoughtfulness that embodies everything she does.  When my MS has given me grief she always sends a caring and supportive email.  What is amazing is that she put together such an fabulous parcel while going though such a terrible time with very serious health issues suffered both by both herself and her brave and inspiring son Josh.  Fee blogs about this here.  Thank you so much, dear Fee, for my wonderful gifts and your friendship and kindness.

Some people's experience of the internet is not good, but I am so incredibly lucky that my little bit of blog-world is inhabited by some of the best people I have ever met and I feel very privileged to have you all in my life.

Thank you.


  1. Wow - some lovely gifts there! Swaps are great fun aren't they!

  2. Mel it must feel like xmas day with all those goodies at your house,beautiful gifts that you have already unwrapped and more beautiful ones to come,enjoy.xo

  3. wow you must have hugged the postie when he delivered all those goodies. So glad your doilie arrived and that you like it. Love your goodies that you have opened and look forward to seeing the rest of them!
    I think I have to have one of those fussy cutters as I am just always amazed by your fantastic hexies!

  4. You deserve lots and lots of lovely fun surprises!!

  5. Hi Mel, What a lovely collection you have shown us today. The crochet jug cover has given me itchy fingers and I just love the book. I must look out for it. The projects on the front cover look perfect. Your little dog is just delightful. What a wonderful gift for you, as you say! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Bron xxx

  6. ooohhh... lots of loveliness at your house....

  7. Hello Melody,

    Wow Christmas has come early to you, all the gifts and presents are so appropriate to you, enjoy.
    Happy days.

  8. What wonder gifts you've received. Bloggey friends are the best!

  9. My o my, you are loved well and cherished much... And such warmth and caring is shown. I am reading a book entitled "Where God Happens" by ArchBishop Rowan Williams. Of course, where God happens is between people, in our relationships. The love expressed and received in this post builds my faith. Blessings to us all. B

    Oh, almost forgot, fabulous hexi's and I've taken note of the clever template for fussy cutting. Thanks.

  10. Beautiful flowers! Isn't that hexie tool the best for cutting out fussy cuts?!?
    You have received tons of goodies. Enjoy the fun in opening them!

  11. Lovely gifts Melody , I love the little crocheted jog cover , the hearts on it are so sweet .Lots of other fantastic gifts from Fee , such a sweet and kind person. hugs Sheila

  12. What a wonderful postie day and all the gifts are amazing. Your hexie flowers are gorgeous as always. I love your circle of friends mat you made in the previous post and the dogs look gorgeous in the garden!

  13. Melody, lovely hexie flowers and wonderful gifts! And thank you for your lovely tribute to all of us.

  14. The latest hexies you have made are gorgeous - I think I may need to get one of those templates too - very useful. That's an amazing array of gifts you have received - the ones you have unwrapped already are lovely. Knowing you, you would have put just as much effort into the swap gifts you sent off?

  15. I am so pleased that you love your gifites - I had lots of fun putting it together and knew that you would love the book (I bought myself one too :) ) Can't wait to see if you like your gift under the tree. Love and Hugs - Fee XX

  16. Oh that book does look very tempting. Look forward to seeing what you make from it. Such beautiful & thoughtful gifts. There are so many inspirational & kind people in crafty blogging world & both you Melody & Fee are two of the best. Enjoy your goodies! Tracee xx

  17. Well, it looks like Christmas arrived early! Lots of lovely goodies for sure. Pretty flowers too, pink and red is a wonderful combination.

  18. this was the 1st time I found your blog...and I loved your things...the jiji was the cutest I've ever seen, just loved it!! and all the other things I saw in your other things!! lovely!! so now getting ready for our most special time of the year... Christmas... so I wish you this wonderful time!!

  19. Just catching up on the posts I have missed.
    What fun to open a gift a day. Some really nice gifts.
    Your hexies are looking good.



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