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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A yoyo addiction.

Sunday night I sat down to relax, watch TV and make yoyo's.  I used to have a bit of an obsession with these sweet little puffs of fabric and I can feel it returning.

My wonderful Go Baby, which was a giveaway at fabulous Fiona's blog, Designs by Fee, cuts perfect circles so easily.

And there was a beautiful yoyo quilt at the weekend's quilt show.

Both have inspired me to make my own yoyo quilt, which hopefully will be ready for our next quilt show in 2013.  I'm making quite small puffs so I'm not sure how many I'll need but the above quilt has 5,184 so I know I will need lots.

Meanwhile I turned Sunday night's collection into a couple of things.

A mug bag for me, although I've made plenty - I didn't have one for myself.  I used this tutorial.  Thank you Tracy, aka The Mad Quilter

and I began this cute project from clever Lesley at Sew Happy Me.  She's even written a tutorial to make this project super easy.
PS Thank you to everyone who brought a teddy, dolly or softie on the picnic last Thurday.  I've got your little pressies ready to post, I just need postal addresses.  Please email me.


  1. Your Yo Yo's are looking great. love the mug bag.

  2. I love your suffolk puffs they are so pretty as is your mug bag..just gorgeous. My Mum made a quilt out of puffs and she found it easier and more manageable to sew them in to blocks of 12 and then sew the blocks together at the end. I think they beautiful and under rated.

  3. I'm loving your Yo Yos. They were one of the first thing I learnt to sew, many, many years ago! I made one quilt while I was a teenager and one as an adult! But I sold them in a garage sale about 15 years ago! Madness!

  4. The yo-yo's look like candy on a plate, very sweet!!!

  5. Thanks Melody. Yo yos are very addictive - I think they're almost as bad as hexagons! My daughter and I are putting together a yo yo quilt - I've seen them backed and not-backed. Still thinking about that. I'm doing the smaller ones and she is doing the larger ones - if we are going somewhere to wait, I often take that along. Whenever I'm cutting out fabric for other projects, I'll cut the two circles for the yo-yos, that way we always have some on the go. Love the mug bag and the cushion - I've been looking for a pattern for the mug bag for some time. I'll be able to make them to match the mug rugs I've been working on for Christmas presents. Cheers

  6. that yo yo tally is a little daunting but I am sure you will have the dedication to get there. I saw that quilt at the show and was amazed. Now that you have mentioned the number...wow.
    Love how you have embellished with your yo yos.

  7. Wow - that's a lot of yo-yo's! I love your little bag, and the love project, so darling!

  8. Melody you find such fantastic projects and I love how you put yours together... the yoyo's look lovely.. this week I made my first ones and I can understand how they can become addictive!!
    I love your double ones with the buttons....

  9. I love the way the yoyos look great just sitting on the plate. So colourful against the white and very pretty.
    But I must admit that the two projects look rather wonderful too.
    Lovely work!

  10. Love that "LOVE" cushion. So cute. Looks like you are into the yo-yo's like I am into the hexies right now. ha! :o)

  11. Lovely yo-yos. I love to make them,too. I have to cut the circles by hand for i don't have a cutting machine.
    Your mug bag is so beautiful, a very nice way to display your gorgeous yo-yos.
    Thanks for you nice comment and awesome card.

  12. whow great projects Mel,well done

  13. Your yo yos are lovely and your mug rug is so pretty, the yo yos are perfect on it. The love design is gorgeous too!

  14. Your yoyo projects are so pretty and I love your mug bag. That will be one awesome quilt but a lot of yoyo's to prep and make. Better get a move on as Iam impatient to see it.

  15. Beautiful yo yo projects Melody. I love your mug bag.

  16. Your yoyos projects are so lovely!
    Good luck with the quilt!


  17. Lovely yo yos + adorable mug bag. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Preciosa bolsita son mis preferidas las hago mucho
    Besos mil



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