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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

I love teddy bears and I love teddy bear buttons too. Here are a few of my favourites.  
Imagine how small their picnic basket would have to be.

 Share a Bear or Dolly.
It would be wonderful if you would bring a bear or a dolly or a softie on the picnic. To share in the fun just pop your details into Mr Linky.
Everyone who brings along a little friend this week will get a special collectable Teddy Bears Picnic surprise.

Fabulous Free Patterns
Time to start getting ready for Christmas, so here are some really cute little free patterns which our wonderful fellow bloggers have kindly shared.

One for the knitters - the most adorable knitted holly.  Thank you so much to Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits.
And one for the cross stitch enthusiasts from Kreinik Manufacturing Company who make wonderful threads.
North Pole Christmas has a wonderful collection of Snowman patterns.  This one is really worth checking out.
And Bronwyn at Red Brolly has the most gorgeous stitchery which she is kindly sharing.

Please consider helping the Free The Bears Fund.
Extend your Christmas cheer to the bears
So far they have rescued 
554 bears in India
25 bears in Thailand
36 bears in Vietnam
5 bears in Indonesia
154 in Cambodia
25 bears in Laos
100% of your donation goes directly to the bears

 I send them a tax deductible donation and it makes me feel really good to know I am easing the suffering of these beautiful creatures.

Another Giveaway

 Please join in the fun and bring along a bear, a dolly, a softie or even a teddy themed quilt on the picnic this week and you will get a surprise present.


  1. Ever so cute teddy bear buttons.

    I can't cope with this month let alone thinking about Christmas...it is scary how quickly it comes around. I will try and join in with the picnic tomorrow (my Thursday ) ;-)

  2. I have joined the "Teddy Bears Picnic." Where is everyone?

  3. Two favourites together Bears & Buttons...lovely! great patterns and links Melody. tahnk you.

  4. love those buttons Mel

  5. Thanks, Melody. It is lovely to see the buttons you have collected. And I'll bet that is not all of them! It is amazing how many there are.

  6. A bit late to the picnic but some of us have to work! LOL I love all your buttons, you sure have a lot.

  7. What a wonderful collection of teddy bear buttons!!!

  8. You know how I love Buttons Mel, and those Bear ones are gorgeous, hope they didn't get lost in the long grass at the pinnic. Thanks again for the Pattern links, and for all your help and advice (it worked) Love R.

  9. Thanks for sharing all this Melody - so many possibilities, so little time!



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