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Sunday, October 2, 2011

I had fun...

... making these little bits and pieces yesterday afternoon.  It was pouring with rain and I was cosy and warm here inside sewing away and watching Inspector Frost.  I made five scissor fobs and two little hexie flowers for a swap.
John was out in the freezing cold at a yacht club working bee and I was snuggled up at home feeling so glad I'm not the sporty one.

I found a letter in my letterbox  with a note saying 'Delivered to wrong address'.  When I opened it I discovered it was a gorgeous piece of fabric from Maria at Life on the Block..  A 'just because' present.  Thank goodness it finally found its way to me.  Thank you so much Maria, it is charming and you are so kind and lovely to send me such a delightful gift.

I've decided to join this fun, Blogtober Fest,  over at Tinnie Girl.  The aim is to post every day.  I'll see how I go.  I also plan to try and make a daily visit to five blogs on the list that I haven't visited before.  should be fun.


  1. What fun fabric you got in the mail! Good luck with Blogtoberfest. I have also signed up...we'll see how it goes!

  2. lovely flowers and such pretty fobs.
    Gorgeous fabric, I can see some fussy cutting on the agenda?

  3. Wow, glad that you have a good neighbour who took the time to find out where you were. My hexies that were sent to the wrong address went back to the sender so they are well travelled!!!Beautiful fabric

  4. Love sewing on cold wet days. Your hexies are lovely. Enjoy the long weekend x

  5. you have been busy Mel,and how lovely of Maria,have a great weekend mel

  6. It's been perfect sewing weather! You've made such pretty things! Blogtoberfest sounds great!! You're already so good at posting most days and I'm sure you'll enjoy finding new blogs!

  7. Just found your blog through Blogtoberfest and love the hand print in your last post, what a great idea. G

  8. It sounds like you had a great time and I love the delicate colors that you're working with. We've watched all of the Frost episodes and really enjoyed them.

    Have a great week,



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