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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A whole new world...

I just found Lily's Quilts and a whole new world opened up to me.  

As soon as I tried hexie making I became addicted, especially to fussy cutting.  Luckily I found Karen at Journey of a Quilter and I play along with One Flower Wednesday nearly every week.

Next I joined Jane's Inchy Hexie Flower Swap and met a whole bunch of other hexie flower lovers and began a couple of Granny's Flower Garden Quilts and my Confetti quilt.

The addiction had begun.
I've been having some trouble sleeping lately so often find myself playing on the internet and reading amazing craft blogs in the middle of the night.  Early on Thursday morning I found Lily and her Flickr stream.  I'm hooked.

 I found myself rummaging through my stash looking for fabrics to start a Storm in a Fruit Salad quilt.

Next thing I know I've linked up to the
 go HERE for more information

Lily has so many brilliant tutorials and ideas

Which is why there is a new logo on my sidebar and a whole new way of thinking about hexies has started up for me.


  1. WOW!! absolutely wonderful!!!

  2. I've just visited Lily's blog and I'm mesmerized.You were right, it's a whole world of the most wonderful projects. Thank you Melody for sharing it with us.

  3. OM Goodness You sure have opened a can of hexies. Have fun Melody.

  4. Hello. I just checked back at Lily's and found more new bloggers so I'm now looking forward to reading your blog too.

  5. I am too scared to visit that blog, I am bad enough with hexies without all those new possibilities! Your storm in a fruit salad looks great.

  6. It looks like the bug has bitten...good for you. I have loved all your hexies and I am looking forward to see what's next. Haven't visited yet but I will so thanks!
    Michelle xx

  7. Oh wow, I love Hexagon Park Quilt!

    I haven't tried hexies yet. To tell you the truth they scare me a little. One day soon I hope to try them though.

    Thanks for the links! I am off to check them out.

    Hope you are well! I have been slack on my blog reading lately.

  8. Oh Melody what a fabulous new Hexie site, but help, when are we going to fit in sewing time with all these great Blogs to follow, can you find us some extra hours in each day please. Love R.

  9. The hexagons are great fun, shame I don't seem to get many of my hexie flowers :-( I will just need to get cracking and make the hexies myself I think.

    The new ones look interesting - if somewhat complicated, I'm sure with your talents though they will be wonderful.



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