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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September White Rabbits Logo + OPAM Finishes

It's time to start writing those lists of what you want to achieve next month.  Here's September's logo for your sidebar and the code.


Since I've started doing this and publicly declaring what I hope to achieve each month it's really kept me on track.  It's also a lot of fun removing each item as I finish it and adding it to my monthly completed list.  There are only 2 items I didn't finish this month but I'll have them done by the weekend.

I also had 11 OPAM finishes this month -Wil's Dr Who Door Hanging, 5 Scissor Keeps and 5 Healing Hearts- so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Hope you had a really productive month too.


  1. Thanks for the updated projects picture.... I also find I am keeping focussed better... and marking off things.... great idea...

  2. Well done indeed. I am affraid to add another list. I am already in OPAM and 'Sew it's Finished'. My problem is signing up for more things. LOL

  3. A lot of lovely finishes. Love the bunnies. I feel inspired to make a list with sewing and other projects. Thanks Mel :)

  4. You should be very pleased you have accomplished a great deal this month , not so for me , slow going ,maybe next month.

  5. I have found blogging has helped me stay on track, too. That public accountability is awesome, isn't it?!

  6. Mel, that is one awesome list of finishes well done....maybe I should think about making a list as well I seem to get side tracked with new projects...



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