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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Attack of the wire-eating mouse

This is the post I did yesterday for One Flower Wednesday but when I went to post it the internet was down.  Upon investigation we discovered a delinquent mouse had decided to feast on the phone wire.  So pretend it's Wednesday...
One Flower Wednesday
I am a member of fabulous Jane's Inchy Hexagon Flower swap.  I have asked for flowers in reds and pinks.  Yesterday I decided to start sewing them together.  Here is the result.

In the background you can see my favourite kitchen tablecloth. It is a cheater fabric of Granny's Flower Garden.  I've also got one of stars.  Sneaky me. From a distance it looks like I've pieced my tablecloths but really they were $3 a metre at Spotlight.

Every week lovely Karen at Journey of a Quilter gives us the chance to share the hexie flowers we've made.  Pop over and visit Karen for One Flower Wednesday, take a look at the flowers and maybe share a few you've made. 

Another Giveaway...
I'm also a member of Quilting Block Swaps Australia organised by sensational Sue.  This group has just reached over 100 followers and is having a giveaway to celebrate. Pop on over, join in the competition and take a look at what everyone has been making.

Carolyn over at Clenbar Cottage is having a give-a-way to celebrate 50 posts.  Congratulations Carolyn - you have a wonderful blog.  It would be lovely if everyone popped over to say hello.

Beautiful Amy over at Mahli Moo Me and Three has 2 copies of the August Country Style magazine to give-a-way.  Ends Monday August 22nd.  Good luck.

...and a call for help
Gorgeous Linda over at Stray Stitches posted a request for help for Marydon at Blushing Rose.  I'm posting it here just in case you don't read Linda's wonderful blog -   but you should read Linda's blog - it's fabulous.
Marydon of Blushing Rose is participating in Miracle Makeover.  Please help her reach her goal of 5,000 comments.  Each comment results in a dollar donation to this worthy cause.  It just takes a moment to leave a comment and could mean so much. 


  1. A mouse - very funny. We had a mouse chew our phone wire about a month ago. It was caught in a trap under the desk - DH sets traps because I hate mice and they come in the open door in summer. But the poor mouse didn't die and it was right by the phone wire which it chewed. We only realized there was a problem when the ringer on the phone grew very faint and I looked under the desk to make sure the connection was okay. DH had to make a little noose on a stick to kill the mouse so he could get it out of the trap. I really hate them. I tolerate them outside because that's their home but I don't want them in my house. Yew! Oh but your red and pink hexies look smashing.

  2. Pesty mouse!! Iam sure it is still Wednesday somewhere.

    Beautiful flowers. My favorite is the one with the stitched centre.

  3. i love the colours you have used for your hexies Mel

  4. I love your flowers. It doesn't matter if it's Wednesday or not they are beautiful, that's final!

  5. Naughty mouse... we had such a lot of them a few months ago....I haven't seen any recent evidence....
    Your hexagons look lovely together... so nice when it starts being sewn and I love your cheaters fabrics.... very clever idea....
    Hope your weekend is fun fun...

  6. love your hexie garden. They look lovely together.
    What a naughty mouse, what would be appetising about a computer wire?

  7. I hope that little mouse got his just desserts! Your hexies are really pretty!

  8. wow!! your hexy quilt is looking fantastic!!

  9. Your flowers from the swap all look wonderful together!
    Thank you for the kind words about my blog - you make me blush. And thank you for spreading the word about Marydon's goal.
    I hope that pesky mouse received at least a little jolt when he bit through your phone line.

  10. How beautiful your flowers look sewn together. And yes! I recognize the two I sent you for the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap. I'm glad you liked them :)

  11. Oh, Melody - I LOVE your hexies!! The fussy-cutting is fabulous and I really like the little red angel!! Is she hand-stitched?? I am also a member of Jane's Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap - I hope I get some of your swap partners!! :-)) Kris

  12. Love the red and pink combination and the cheater tablecloth is wonderful!

  13. Mel, there have been so many mice around everywhere.. that is the best thing about being a cat lover!! No mice inside!!lol... We did get one in the glove box of the car though..
    Love your hexies, so pretty..

  14. BAD MOUSIE! Your flowers are gorgeous, hon!

  15. Well thank goodness you found out the cause...we couldn't be without you for too long Melody. Lovely hexies in the reds and rusts.



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