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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

Two tiny little Colourbox bears are coming on the picnic this week.  My poor little injured bear has to bring his nurse because he's been in the wars.
Share a Bear or Softie
Do you have a bear, dolly or softie who'd like to join us on the picnic today.  Just pop your details into Mr Linky and join in the fun.

Fabulous Free Things
As I've been making needle cases for the Kilmore Quilters sale table I thought I'd see what cute needle case patterns I could find to share here.

I think I'll make a couple of these.  Thank you to the wonderful Happy Zombie for this one.

This really sweet one with a nostalgic look from fabulous Goosie Girl.  Thanks Renee.

One for the crochet fans from All Crafts.net

 And what a clever idea from Kelly at em ay kay ee (Make)
There are so many brilliant designers out there.  Thank you one and all.

Can You Help?

If you are an animal lover please consider supporting the Free The Bears Fund. I do and it makes me feel good to know that I am helping to give the bears in various sanctuaries around the world a safe, peaceful and happy existence.


  1. They are very cute little bears and lovely needlecases.

  2. thanks for the links for the cute stuff.

  3. Thats a very cute pair of bears... I am already imagining the romance of the patient falling in love with the nurse.....
    I hope my teddy quilt doesn't break any rules.. not really a softie!

  4. how cute Mel and i love the variety of needlecases that you found

  5. These Colourbox Bears are always delightful!
    Lovely ideas for the needle cases. Stay warm!

  6. Your nurse and patient are just so sweet - Hope there are no more injuries today.
    See you at the wet picnic.

  7. Your collection of "colour Box" teddies is wonderful. I love "nursie" and all the needlecase patterns are wonderful.

  8. Aha, A nurse and a patient - a subject very close to me heart, as you know. Love the crochet purse. Thanks Melody for all the time you put into finding these little gems for us all.



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