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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

This week I'm taking the gorgeous little bear, that lovely Teresa sent to me, on the picnic.  I've named her Elsie and she has become firm friends with Dolores, so they are both coming on the picnic this week. They are also bringing a tiny little brooch bear, named Herbert, who was made by one of my friends, Jacqui.
 Share a Bear or Softie
Do you have a bear, softie or doll you would like to share with us.  Why not bring them on the picnic.  It's very easy - just pop your details into Mr Linky and play along.

  Fabulous Free Things
White Rabbits time is rapidly approaching again so this week I set out to find some cute free patterns, generously designed and shared by our fellow bloggers, featuring rabbits.  Here's what I found.

 This sweetie-pie at Free Patterns.com
Adorable little Honey Bunny HERE at Crochetville
 And this little cutie pie at Suse RevoluzZza
 I couldn't leave this one out.  It's not a free one, but the pattern is only $3.50 and it is so cute and made me smile -a lot.  Check out the details HERE 

I couldn't leave this little section of this post without mentioning gorgeous Shell at Raspberry Rabbits.  Pop over and read about the adventures of her dear little bunnies and share in free patterns, giveaways and all manner of delightful posts.

Can You Help?

  If you are an animal lover please consider supporting the Free The Bears Fund. I do and it makes me feel good to know that I am helping to give the bears in various sanctuaries around the world a safe, peaceful and happy existence.


  1. cute bears and some more lovely pattern links...

  2. Hi Mel, thankyou for hosting Teddy Bears Picnic today, I hope you are well at the moment. Elsie is just so gorgeous, so lovely of Teresa to send you a "just because" gift. Dolores is gorgeous also and I'm sure she will have fun with Elsie today. Hugs Kaylee xx

  3. Elsie and Dolores seem to have made friends , they are both adorable bears and I am sure will enjoy the picnic .

  4. Hi girlfriend! Love those sweet bears! Oh my gosh I am totally loving that bunny with the ducky innertube and bathing suit!!!! I can't knit or crochet, but I would be willing to pay somebunny to make it for me!!!! I loooooooove it and it made me smile lots too!
    Of course, Harrington and Hannah make me smile big every day. ;) Crazy fuzzies.
    xx, shell

  5. Elsie and Dolores are beautiful there together with little Herbert. How lovely of Teresa. I adore the bunny with the rubby ducky swimming float...too cute.

  6. Sweet bears hon, and great links - thanks!

  7. Your bears are gorgeous. Good to see Elise has settled in well and made some new friends to bring along to the picnic today.
    Thanks for sharing the free links, I have knitted up something from one you shared a little while ago and it is delightful.

  8. I love her name Melody! Elsie is looking very comfortable in her new home. I love Dolores, she's so cute and I can't forget Herbert.. love that name!!! what another cutie. Your links, again, are fabulous.. I'm thinking I might have to learn to knit - that bunny in the bathing suit is adorable. Thanks again for the picnic today xx

  9. lovely post again Mel,i always enjoy my visit here

  10. Love your bears and it's so nice to have them getting along. It's a gorgeous day for a picnic.
    Love the cute patters and I also enjoy reading Michelle's Raspberry Rabbit blog. It was through her site that I found you!

  11. love the bears. Hope all is well on the home front

  12. It is lovely to see Elsie, Delores and Herbert at the picnic. They look soft, cuddly and delightful. It is lovely to receive gifts like that from your friends.
    Thanks again for the links. I do love the knitted rabbit in a bathing costume. I can see a few patterns being bought.

  13. Hi Melody, your bears are gorgeous and, as always, you have set up the photo beautifully.

  14. They are gorgeous. I have to get myself organised for next week. Had to take my mother for a routine gastroscopy today - she got a good result, but being the end of term it's busy, busy, busy. School holidays next week. I'll get some more photos taken.



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