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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am very lucky...

...because I received this wonderful bag from my Squilters Christmas Stocking swap partner, Lindi.  I absolutely adore it.

It is made from my very favourite French General fabrics and came with a matching French General notepad and pen.
It also has an exquisite brooch attached which Lindi blogged about here.  Because of the story behind it, receiving this beautiful brooch makes me feel very special.
Here's the other, very stylish, side of the bag.  Lindi designed it just for me.
Thank you so much, Lindi.  I am so lucky to receive this gorgeous bag and four presents to put inside.


  1. Melody, I am so glad you like it. :) I knew you would appreciate the specialness of the little brooch. The bag and the crochet and the buttons just called to one-another. Your love of old things and cherished treasures shines through in your blog, so I felt secure in gifting it to you. :)

  2. That is one pretty bag! And all the other goodies- lovely! The button reminds me of one I picked up at a vintage store recently! Lucky you!

  3. Oh my gosh that is so beautiful- and how sweet is the story of the brooch, except for her mum not being able to crochet anymore. :( I know you'll enjoy that bag hon, it's very YOU!

  4. Your Bag is beautiful Melody, I love the fabric Lindi used, also the notepad, pen and brooch,a lovely extra touch, you are lucky... yes,and special. Love R

  5. That is just georgeous.... so much detail.... and lovely goodies inside.... enjoy...you deserve it....

  6. ohhh Mel this bag is beautiful, you are lucky and well done Lindi.

  7. The bag is beautiful. The brooch and notebook are lovely too. What wonderful gifts to receive.

  8. Such a lovely bag. Beautiful fabrics. Love the stitching, too. What a great swap!

  9. Oh what a gorgeous bag!! So much work has gone into it.And the matching notebook!I love French General fabrics too!



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