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Friday, May 20, 2011

Floral Friday

I love roses and I love rose hips too. Some of the roses in my garden were chosen as much for their hips as for their flowers.
I spent my first five years in England and so ate school dinners which I remember enjoying.  We were given rice pudding with rose hip syrup and to this day I can still remember the delicious taste of the syrup.  I've tried in vain to track it down, there's lots of rose petal jams and sometimes even rose hip jam but I've never found the syrup.
Every Friday Bronwyn hosts Floral Friday and has something beautiful to share.  You can take a look here at Korumburra Quilting.
I'm off to Gail B's to buy some fabric for Maree's birthday.  What Fun!


  1. Hello Melody,

    I will have to check through my rose books to see if there is a recipe for you.
    Happy days.

  2. beautiful rose hips. I can remember having this as a child to.

  3. Gorgeous Rose Hips Mel,if you have enough you could try making your own syrup,there is sure to be a recipe on the net. Love R.

  4. Pretty picture! I guess I don't know what a rose hip actually is - although I adore roses.

  5. Just found heaps of recipes on google - try rosehip syrup rather that rose hip syrup.

  6. Beautiful photo - wonderful clarity :)

  7. I'm with you Melody. I love the look of rose-hips. I will look out for the syrup for you. I have a feeling it is what I used to give the kids before Ribena. It was definitely rose-hip syrup, either yellow or red in a 750ml bottle. Can't remember what it was called.
    Thanks for joining in today.

  8. Beautiful photo Melody. I agree with Bronwyn I seem to remember giving it to my kids too.

  9. That is an amazing photo Melody, really beautiful!!

  10. Beautiful photo Melody. Funny you remembering about your first five years being spent in the UK and school dinners. My first six years where spent in England before we emigrated to NZ and my memory is of yukky luke warm milk in a bottle! Don't remember the dinners ;-)



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