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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Something Special - A new Giveaway

This Thursday there will be a special giveaway for Teddy Bears Picnic.  Fabulous Michelle Ridgway of Rag Tag Stitchin' has very generously given me two of her wonderful patterns for a special giveaway.

First prize will be a beautiful Bear Posies Cuddle Quilt and Tote Bag pattern
 and second prize will be a delightful Simple Joys pattern.

Please pop over to visit Michelle at Rag Tag Stitchin.  She has a fabulous blog and currently has a free pattern to share with us all.
You can buy Michelle's patterns at Cookies and Cream Craft and Ollie and May or from Michelle herself.  Many thanks for these fabulous prizes, Michelle.

I'm giving you plenty of notice about this so you have time to get your teddies and softies ready to come on the picnic on Thursday.  If you drop by on Thursday and leave a comment you will be in the draw too.


  1. Those are great prizes for such a fun activity - how generous of Michelle .... quite a few of the blogs I follow take part and I spend a happy picnic day reading about them.....

  2. Every week I have been meaning to bring a couple of old friends along to play at the picnic but life keeps intruding. Next Thursday needs to be the day. It will be fun! Great prizes, thanks to Michelle & Melody. Tracee xx

  3. What a LOVELY thing to do - that is so sweet!

  4. Ooo what gorgeous prizes. Thanks Mel and Michelle for the chance to win them.



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