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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

I got up early today and started work in the garden at 7.30 so it's already time for a tea break. A good strong cup of tea with a delicious sweet treat is my Tuesday Treasure this week.

I love cup, saucer and plate sets and have quite a few.  This lovely blue one is a favourite.  The delicious slice is a recipe from Peg
Tuesday Treasures gives you the chance to share something you love.  It can be a thing, a person, a pet, a concept or an idea.  Anything is welcome.  Please put your details into Mr Linky and join in the fun.


  1. Hi Melody, I love your tea set. I am very partial to such things. What make is it? I would guess Royal Albert.

  2. What a beautiful set. Your table cloth is absolutely lovely. Is it cross stitched? My gran used to cross stitch table cloths.

  3. Melody your cup, saucer and plate are beautiful , such a pretty pattern, so dainty , lovely ! The slice looks rather yummy too :-)

  4. Your cup and saucer are beautiful. Such a delicate pattern. The slice looks delish!

  5. I Just love your cup, saucer and plate set Mel. I have a few lovely china tea cups which I love to drink tea from, it tastes so much better :-) Cheers Kaylee

  6. Love the blue and white cloth. The slice doesn't look too bad either!

  7. Hello Melody,

    Oh I would treasure your cuppa too. Love the tablecloth it is on.
    Happy days.

  8. Oh Mel that sounds like a wonderful way to start your day.
    Hope you enjoyed your cuppa and your treat... both look lovely xx

  9. Hey.... I'm impressed I remembered this week...

    I think I should join you in cuppa and a treat ...

  10. Love your treasure today Melody. Looks beautiful and yummy!!! xx

  11. I love your cup and saucer set with the yummy slice, you can never have too many of these sets.



  12. Wow Melody! Would you believe that my daughter Michelle was given the entire dinner set with all the extras of this exact pattern. It belonged to her mother in law who decided she had no more use for it and no daughters to pass it on to so voila she gave it to Michelle. I dont think she used it more than twice! It is completely beautiful and consumes me with jealousy every time I see it displayed in her cabinet.
    I too love drinking tea out of beautiful china, even when I am by myself. It's an indulgence that makes me feel very special and just a whisker posh.

  13. I always stop for a midmorning tea and snack also. I love your little tea set and have several myself, but I prefer tea in a very large mug, LOL!


  14. What a perfect treasure!! I love the table cloth too!!



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