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Monday, March 14, 2011

Lily and Wil and other things too.

My bundle of Lily and Wil fat quarters arrived last Friday.
I bought them to make a quilt for my new grandson who is due in June.  I wasn't sure what I would make and then lo and behold Anne Sutton put up this gorgeous free pattern on her Bunny Hill blog.
So instead of my To Do list getting shorter, it's getting longer again.

This gorgeous block arrived on Friday too.  It came with some delicious owl fabric and a gorgeous owl card.  Alethea is very funny and wrote in the card
Can't decide whether to call it Owl-vis, Owl McPherson or Owl-Capone.  Nevertheless he/she comes from Owl Catraz.
Made me smile all weekend.  Thank you so much Alethea, I love this block.

I'd love to show you what I've been stitching over the last few days but it will have to remain a secret until December.  I'm in the Squilters Christmas Stocking Swap and I have been making a Christmas bag and presents for my partner, Lindi.  I'm aiming for 25 presents so she will have one a day to open in December  leading up to Christmas Day.  Luckily I've got all year to make them.

I also made a block for my March swap partner in
here is a small sneak peek.  This is off to Teresa in Portugal.
P.S.I'm off to spend the day with my grandson,Wil, so I'll draw the giveaway winners tonight but the competition is now closed. Thank you to for so many fabulous comments and special thanks to my lovely followers.


  1. Oh, I love the Lily and Will range... you will have such fun sewing that...

  2. Lily and Will 1 is a beautiful fabric line. The quilt will look stunning in those pale blue and chocolates. You lucky girl getting an owl block. Owls are all the rage at the moment.

  3. Lilly and Will II is a beautiful fabric range. The quilt will look gorgeous. I am envious of your owl block. Lucky girl.

  4. The fabrics are gorgeous as is the bunny pattern. How lovely to be expecting a new little "grandie"

  5. Darling quilt, adorable owl - can't wait til you can reveal what you sent to Teresa!

  6. Hi Melody, love the colourway of the new fabrics...Regards, Lyn

  7. Those Lil & will fabrics are just so beautfiul.
    Your owl looks a little like Martin Scorcese, love the eyebrows.
    Your fabrics in your block are very pretty.
    How exciting a new grandson arriving soon.

  8. hi Mel could you give me some information about the Squilter's xmas stocking swap if it is an online swap please it sounds like lots of fun.I love your fabrics for your new grandson to be's quilt they are so cute and i absolutely love your owl block what a clever lady Alethea is.

  9. Hi Melody... I just love that Lily and Will range.. it will be perfect for your Grandsons quilt. Love the owl block and "owl" the names she came up with. Lots of fun xx

  10. Love you owlie block and presents.
    I have been busy stitching secret blocks to.

    Enjoy your time with your Little Wil.

  11. I can see you are owl shook up with your gift!!
    Good fun. Love the fabrics you have chosen for your new grandson's quilt.
    Love Shirley

  12. I love your new fabric and the free pattern from Bunny Hill is perfect for it!



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