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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Diamond Valley Railway

As some of you know my lovely son, Sam, is involved in the miniature railway in Eltham. Once a year they have a  Community Night Run.  It is so much fun and it's on again this Sunday.  I asked Sam to write something so I could blog about it.

Please join us for our Annual Night Run with 12 hours of trains running including at night! Enjoy a totally different experience riding our trains through the bush setting with just the headlights of locomotives and the lights from the signals appearing from the darkness! All money raised on the day is donated to local community groups.
Just $3 per ticket. We are located in Lower Eltham Park on Main Road in Eltham. Melway Map 21 ref: H10
Here is their website         http://www.dvr.com.au/

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  1. Sounds exciting. I wish we were closer.

  2. I remember taking our boys to the mini railway in Eltham when they were young, we have many happy memories of going there. Not sure if I had more fun than the boys sometimes. lol

  3. I wish I could come - this looks so fun!

  4. Gosh Melody it would be more than 30 years since we took the kids to Eltham Lwr Park for a ride on the train. Good times and great fun that just keeps giving pleasure to each new generation.

  5. Aaaahhhh, I thought it was tonight, my little Miss 4 and I are gutted we missed it last night.
    We wanted to go lat year, but there was the crazy storm, so missed that one too. Boo.
    I hope you had fun.



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