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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

For Tuesday Treasures today I would like to celebrate the fabulous museums you find in country towns all over Australia.  This one is at Kyneton and consists of an old bank building with the Bank Manager's residence above and the kitchen, laundry,  stables and a few other original buildings which were moved to the site.

I've always been very interested in social history and find the way our forebears lived absolutely fascinating.
This museum has movement activated audio tapes which convey what might have been happening  in each room in the 1880's
There are lots of old textiles on display and when ever I see them I marvel at how they were sewn by candle light. 
If I am in any country town on a weekend I try to seek out the local museum and marvel at the treasures they contain.  I also think how wonderful are the volunteers who devote themselves to preserving our heritage.
What do you treasure?  Please share it with us all.  Just put your details into Mr Linky

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  1. I will have to organize a trip to Kyneton it looks fascinating. Anything with old quilts and textiles gets my attention. You are right I sometimes wonder how they did such special work by lamplight.

  2. Just gorgeous Melody. I love visiting museums and old, historical buildings and houses as well. Just love that quilt on the bed. Have you been to Cook's Cottage? Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos xx

  3. Hello Melody,

    I am amazed by what people made and did many years ago. The buildings themselves amaze me. How they got such straight lines of brickwork. Thanks for sharing such a stunning quilt with us.
    Happy days.

  4. Hi Melody,

    I enjoyed seeing your photos of the museum.
    How lovely the quilt and old doll are.

    Have a lovely week

  5. Maybe Michelle will take me, too. Looks like a wonderful place. I love museums! *grin*. I did my Tuesday's Treasures hours ago, but forgot to link up until now!!

  6. a beautiful building. I love the tall chimneys and that quilt is beautiful.

  7. What great photos Melody, I also love visiting old homes and seeing all the wonderful things from the past. I have been watching blogs showing their Tuesday Treasures and would love to be a part of it so I'll give it a go.




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