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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stitching Around the Block

The time has arrived.... time to receive back our blocks from the Stitching Around the Block swap.
This is the one we made for Liz
This one is mine
This one belongs to Karin
and we stitched this one for Rosalie.

Today we all lunched at Karin's beautiful home and each received back her Stitching Around the Block.  I think Karin summed it up beautifully when she said she was chuffed.  We all agreed it was a great deal of fun to be part of this swap and we were all thrilled with how they turned out.  We didn't send fabrics, so it was a true surprise to see what the others had done with the centre as no one had any idea what to expect.
Here are my friends and fellow swappers, Karen, Rosalie and Liz.
 A huge thank you to Helen from Hugs by Helen for designing and organising this wonderful project.

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  1. All the blocks are wonderful! Well done to you all. I like the redwork stitching on your block. there is something individual on each one. I love them.

  2. They look lovely! What a wonderful job you have all done!

  3. They all look fantastic,well done girls.
    cheers shez

  4. How great to have them all finished - don't they look lovely...and each is different!Fun to do them amongst a group of friends and to be able to get together at the end.

  5. Wow - they are all brilliant and how lovely to stitch with a group of friends.

  6. They are all beautiful Melody , lovely work and a pretty project . hugs SHeila

  7. Gee they all look fab! Really enjoyed seeing them. I'm behind with my one I have here gotta get to it.
    Love Leanne

  8. They are just gorgeous - what fun!

  9. What a great idea to have a get together at the end too..... all the blocks are so different and yet similar.... what are you all going to make with your blocks now?

  10. What an awesome project. They are beautiful! I would love to be involved in a swap such as this (or the row by row quilts I've seen out there too). Anyway, congrats on completing such fabulous blocks!



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