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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

Last night I tipped out the contents of my biggest button jar to look for pink and red buttons to use on my Le Jardin quilt.  As I searched through the pile it brought back many memories.  When I was little I loved to play with the buttons my mum kept in an old chocolate tin.  There were a couple of pearl buttons from her wedding dress, a glass one from my flower girl dress and heaps of shirt buttons from my dad's worn out shirts.  I don't know where the tin is now but I did start my own collection and it grows every year.
Here are a few I couldn't resist buying.

I do treasure each and every one in my collection and plan to use some of them in my Out of The Box quilt designed by Dawn and Vicki.
What do you treasure?  Tuesday's Treasures gives you the chance to share something you love with us.  Just fill in Mr Linky to be part of the fun.   There is a little giveaway for one lucky participant.
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  1. I'll be joining in tomorrow Mel as it's still Monday here - hope that's ok :0)

  2. Ooops should have said also - love your button collection - I'll be posting mine too :0)

  3. Me llamo Maricarmen. Soy mamá de dos adolescentes, David (13) y Rosario (15), además de 4 pequeñas perritas y dos gatos...
    Conocí el Patchwork a los 5 años y seguí desde entonces...
    Y aunque he hecho muchas cosas en el camino, hasta reproducción de muñecas antiguas, no logro abandonarlo...
    Las telas me han atrapado y me vuelven loca...

  4. Beautiful buttons. One could have so much fun sifted through them.

  5. Oh, Mel, I love your buttons! Makes me want to go look through my collection. I have lots of cat buttons and theme buttons. Someday I'll make a special little quilt to display them all on. Have a great, Mel! and Happy New Year!

  6. Love your buttons, I have quite a collection too but none as pretty as these . I'll be posting tonight even though it is still Mon . I will be off to quilting early in the AM and won't have time then .

  7. Please and Thanks are my only words in perfect english... ¡ja! ¡ja!
    Now is Monday in Argentine, I try to put a translator in my blog.

  8. Hi Mel, I used to play with my Grandmother's button collection when I was little. She used to give me a threaded darning needle and I would sit for hours making long strings of buttons. I must've driven her crazy when she eventually wanted to use one of those buttons *grin*. There is something very therapudic in running your hands through buttons! toni xxx

  9. Oooooh... I had a play in your buttons.... always fun....

  10. Wow! Look at all those buttons!
    How fun!
    I love to go to a show every year that has lots of beautiful special buttons. Maybe I'll find something perfect for my friend. ;)
    xx, shell

  11. Love your buttons, hon - especially the one with your name on it! I collect buttons too - can you ever have enough? I don't think so!

  12. Seems that you and Rosalie need to share the title of "Button Lady" Didn't everyone's Grandma or mum have a button jar. Mine did too and just like everyone else I loved sorting it and playing with the buttons. Oh the simple pleasures. Have a good one Mel!

  13. There is something so soothing about running your fingers through a big jar of buttons! I have my Nanna's huge jar of buttons now and I just love them. You can never, ever have too many! Happy Tuesday Melody xx

  14. What a beautiful button collection!! I used to love playing with my mother's jar of buttons. I'd sort them into colours and shapes. It's lovely that they bring back memories for you.

  15. Buttons are a beautiful thing!



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