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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

Time is whizzing by at the moment, so here we are again- Tuesday and it's time for a treasure.
This dear little clock has sat on a shelf at my house for about 30 years.  My mum and dad bought it home for me from a trip to England.  It is an old tea tin made into a clock and they chose it because they know how addicted I am to a cup of tea.  When I was a little girl my mum always woke me up with a cup of tea and a biscuit delivered to me in bed.  I can't remember a time when this didn't happen so I must have been very young when this tradition was established.  Luckily my DH continued in this practice and so I always start the day with a big mug of beautiful, energising yet comforting tea.

I'd love to see and hear about one of your treasures so please share by clicking on Mr Linky.

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There will be another giveaway this week for those who share and those who comment. Do both and receive two entries. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. Now that is a treasure, made even better by your hubby carrying on the tradition and bringing you a cup of tea in bed in the mornings - Wow!

  2. What a gorgeous clock and suck beautiful memories of your Mum bringing you tea in bed.

    Have a wonderful day :-)

  3. Hi Melody,

    What a lovely little clock made from a tea tin.
    That is what my DH does too, brings me a cup of tea in bed, in the morning.

    Happy Tuesday

  4. What an interesting clock Melody and I loved the story about the tea . Hugs Sheila

  5. Who's spoilt! What a lovely and continuing story, Melody.

  6. Hello Melody,

    A beautiful clock. I still have the first clock my Mum gave me when I started work. It doesn't go but I can't throw it out.
    Happy Tuesday.

  7. Lovely clock...... it would fit into my tea loving home too......

  8. Lucky you Mel, the clock is so cute and Has happy connections for you. Long may you get a wakeup cup of tea!

  9. pretty clock - oooh - such a mix of books too - Gone With the Wind and Stephen King

  10. Gorgeous little clock Melody and lovely memories that go with it. How nice to have tea made for you every morning. I certainly like that tradition xx

  11. Darling clock - and TEA IN BED???? And your dh still does that? You are amazingly blessed, girl!

  12. What a cute clock. How lucky you are to get tea in bed each morning. i love the books on the bookshelf as well.

  13. What an interesting clock! Can you still use it as a tin as well??

  14. That's a lovely little clock. Tea in bed,what a treat.

  15. what a gorgeous little clock!
    what a varied selection of books you have.



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