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Friday, December 10, 2010

A Teddy Bears Picnic

Send a Teddy Bear Note at WiddlyTinks.com

Starts 20th January 2011
and continues on Thursdays 
This will provide an opportunity for everyone to share their favourite teddy bears, you can show.....
Bears you have made
Bears you've been given
Bears you've bought
Bears you've stitched on quilts or cushions
Old bears, new bears, huge bears, teeny tiny bears
Other softies are welcome to visit too. 
 In the past I designed bears and dolls for magazines and I've decided to share some of these patterns with you, so there will be a free bear pattern each week.
There will also be some visiting bear artists and giveaways.
 I'm hoping you will join me for this fun, please spread the news because in  2011 we are going on a 
Teddy Bears' Picnic


  1. Sounds like a beary nice idea :-)

  2. This looks like great fun, Melody.
    I'd love to join in!!

  3. Oh what fun, I would love to join in the fun, or rather my teddy bears would!

  4. Oh my goodness Melody.... you keep so busy.... what fun to be a bear and doll designer.....

  5. Sounds like a wonderful idea Melody! Please remind us (well forgetful me *grin*) again in January! toni xxx

  6. That does sound like a beary nice idea! I LOVE Teddy Bears, my house is full of them.

  7. Oh that sounds like great fun , will have to get those bears all ready for the picnic ;-)
    hugs Sheila

  8. You bet I'm in Melody. I have been making bears for years and I would love to see others as well. I have a bear to finish for a Christmas present this year... so I had better get a move on. This sounds like so much fun xx



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