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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A gift!

It's funny how even if I choose some fabric, order and pay for it when it arrives I feel like I'm getting a present. So a fabulous present arrived today.
It is Sweet Divinity by the Quilted Fish. I loved it from the minute I saw it.

Last year we renovated our bathroom and I chose all white. It looks cool and clean and elegant but I long for colour.
So next year I am going to make a couple of wall hangings, in this fabulous fabric, using some of the blocks from the 2009 Quilt Aid project.  I already have the patterns as my sewing group, The Village Quilters, are making it as a charity quilt to be donated next year. I made the Lynette Anderson block.
I plan to make new curtains from this fabric. Should be lots of fun.
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  1. Such lovely fresh, pretty colours!! You're so right about fabric packages feeling like gifts even if you know what you're getting.

  2. Drooling!!!!!

    Those fabrics are so pretty and fresh - what a great little gift to yourself - can't wait to see your makes x

  3. I do like that fabric. The design is very fresh but as you said, elegant too. Now, there is another project of yours I can hardly wait to see.

  4. It's going to be stunning Melody. I just love the colours and the freshness of it.

  5. Beautiful fabrics! I always think of mail as a present too. It's just so darn fun!
    xx, shell

  6. Beautiful summery colours, should look lovely made up.

  7. That fabric is gorgeous - you're going to have lots of fun with that!

  8. Beautiful fabric! Show us your bathroom after you get the curtains made - please!



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