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Friday, December 3, 2010

Colourful Friday

This weeks colour is teal and I found this really tricky. It's actually a colour I like so I thought I'd have no trouble.
I searched my stash - no teal.
I searched my china collection - no teal.
I search amongst my jewelry - no teal.

So I turned to nature and behold, teal in all its wonderful avian beauty.

Amazingly my lovely Sam was able to find teal (sort of) trains.

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Pop over to fabulous Robyn's blog to see the teal finds of lots of others,


  1. Isn't nature so clever..... and beautiful...

  2. ooo! pretty! I love the birds the best. Nature is so amazing!
    xx, shell

  3. Melody, well I just love your post this week!
    I too love teal and thought I'd find it very easy to find... Nope!
    You are so right... this beautiful colour is found so easily in nature. Such beauty to be found!
    Thanks for playing along and Happy Colourful Friday xx

  4. All the birds are beautiful. What a wonderful choice. The peacock display is stunning.
    Now this week I really am impressed with the trains. I thought this would be the one to stump Sam!
    Have a lovely day!

  5. Hi Melody, your photos are beautiful. I had been searching for teal in nature and had completely forgotten our bird population. DUH! Such a tricky colour. As always Sam's trains make me smile so much. I think I should've been a boy!

  6. Hello Melody,

    Oh those peacocks are stunning, when I was little we had those on the farm. They certainly are noisy creatures. Love the train,thanks Sam.
    Happy days.

  7. Hi Melody,

    I enjoyed seeing all your teal photos. It is such a pretty colour and I really love the birds.
    Have a happy weekend


  8. lol that's so typical huh? You get something you wanna do and have hardly any of it! lol
    Did you know there's two different types of peacocks? The Indian Blue, which you have pictured, and the green peacock, which, until I googled them, I didn't know existed!! There's also a half albino, half normal coloured peacock who lives in Taronga Zoo. Google it, you'll be amazed!

  9. Hi Melody
    The birds are just gorgeous! Well done :-)
    Looking forward to next week.
    Catch ya

  10. Hi Melody, I reckon you did well with finding teal! Kind regards, Anita.

  11. Hi Melody - good job finding the gorgeous pics!

  12. love the nature pictures...and trains

  13. I think I would struggle with teal too! You have some gorgeous bird shots though.

  14. Ooooh pretty birds. My brother has a complete set of peacock tale feathers from one that used to visit his garden :)

  15. I forgot to comment on the train... *grin*
    Love it of course!!!
    Good on ya Sam!!

  16. What a great job you did with teal. I always look forward to the trains and colorful Fridays and will anticipate a great one for next week and Christmas colors. Love Lois

  17. Well Done!
    I'm afraid I struggled and ran out of time. :(



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