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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Treasure

This is Errol, another of my garden dragons. He is a raku fired dragon I bought many years ago at Eltham Market.
He used to live on my front deck on a table with Chubby . He slept lazily around a little pond which I kept filled with water. However the extremely naughty cockatoos that visit every day were squabbling and pushing each other to get to their bird seed and they knocked poor Errol to the ground, detaching him from his pond and breaking his pond into bits.
Luckily my DH was able to find most of the bits and he glued it all back together again, but alas, his pond no longer holds water. Errol moved to the back garden and now lives in one of my herb barrels under a bay tree and surrounded by sweet smelling herbs, away from the hustle and bustle of the deck.

Lots of other people are sharing their treasures today.  Catch up with them at Clare's blog Clare's Craftroom where she very kindly organises Tuesday Treasures each week.  Thanks Clare.


  1. Melody you really must have the most interesting garden , I love all your dragons and things . Thanks for showing us and playing along .

  2. I want to come play in your garden - I love Errol! He's just precious and I'm so glad he could be repaired!

  3. oh wow! Errol is so cute! And one very lucky dragon!

  4. Errol looks quite content curled up in your herbs. A real beauty. It reminds me of a rather realistic concrete blue tongue lizard that we had sitting in our garden. We had a bonfire night, and the following morning we noticed his head was broken off and a brick was nearby. Obviously someone thought he was dangerous and killed him. Very sad. Mick fixed him up.

  5. Errol is a very handsome dragon and looks quite happy amongst the herbs...

  6. You have some lovely dragons living at your place!

  7. What a cute dragon! I'm glad that he was able to be repaired and is now happily living in your backyard.

  8. I love all your interesting garden ornaments and Errol is no different , really special :-)



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