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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Treasure

Today's Tuesday Treasure is this dear little clay bat. I've had him for many years. He is another gift from my DH.
I've always loved bats. We are very lucky to have a bunch of bats ( I don't know the collective noun for bats) live in a gum tree in our garden, and there are more in the park two doors down from where I live. They are such cheeky little creatures and remind me of a group of school children as they jostle and squabble amongst themselves, all while hanging upside down.

One of the most magical moments in my life was when I was at a Nick Cave concert, at the Myer Music Bowl, on a hot summer evening. At dusk, huge numbers of bats left the Botanic Gardens ( just adjacent to the Bowl for those of you who don't know Melbourne) to seek food for the night. They flew overhead, seemingly in time with Nick's haunting music. It was wonderful.

Thank you to Clare over at Clare's Craftroom for giving us all the chance to share our Treasures. Check out what others are sharing today HERE

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  1. They are fascinating creatures - he's rather a smart specimen....

  2. I can just imagine how incredible it was to see the bats fly overhead while the music was playing. Sureal for sure!
    Love your little batty treasure. Such a cute face.
    xx, shell

  3. Hi Melody
    It is easy to see you do not live in an area of fruit orchard like I do. I must admit he is very cute and I also find them fascinating, my neighbours would disagree. Does your hubby do pottery? If so you are a very lucky lady.

  4. wow - nick cave at the myer music bowl complete with bats - awesome! and apparently the collective for bats is either "cloud" or "colony" - i like cloud!

  5. He's cute ! Thanks so much for showing us and playing along Melody .

  6. What a lovely little fellow you have there! I like bats, they eat mosquitoes. On my trip to a local island this past summer, we were told that there are no mosquitoes anywhere on the island, because they have such a large bat colony. LOVE it.

  7. Oh I adore your bat, he is so cute, but not as noisy as the ones that are about to invade our mango tree *lol*. I love our bats too. toni xxx Ps. we get Powerful Owls too and they sit on the tv aerial above where I park my car and leave me presents every morning *grin*.

  8. I would of loved just being at an outdoor Nick Cave event but complete with bats - that's very cool!

  9. We have so many bats near where I work and at night they make soooo much noise. Yours is much cuter (and quieter).. I think xx

  10. That is a cute bat , I am not that fond of bats but that one I can handle . I was in a small country church once that only opens during the summer months and two bats came out from behind the wooden cross and was coming down close to our heads so some of the older ladies were horrified .

  11. Hi Melody
    Very adorable bat and so special the magical moment at the concert.
    Thank you for showing.

  12. Excellent bat, but a little creepy!



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