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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A trip to Hurstbridge

Today I met up with two dear friends, Jacquie and Bronwyn. As well as being heaps of fun they are both very talented artists. First I had a look around Jacqui's new studio where she conducts classes in glass bead making. You can see more of her work HERE.
Bronwyn has a professional machine quilting service and is also a very talented and well known Bear Artist.  Her website is HERE
We went to lunch at a local cafe, there was much eating, laughing and quite a bit of squealing when we exchanged spider stories.  On top of that Melbourne's weather was glorious today.   It is the simple things in life, like lunch with friends, that bring so much joy.

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  1. Those beads are to die for - sounds like a wonderful day, except for the spider stories, lol!



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